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A method and apparatus for calculating, displaying and acting upon relationships in a social network is described. A computer system collects descriptive data about various individuals and allows those individuals to indicate other individuals with whom they have a personal relationship. The descrip ...

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A natural language information querying system includes an indexing facility configured to automatically generate indices of updated textual sources based on one or more predefined grammars and a database coupled to the indexing facility to store the indices for subsequent searching.

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A method of managing alerts in a network including receiving alerts from network sensors, consolidating the alerts that are indicative of a common incident and generating output reflecting the consolidated alerts.

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A method of inducing content uploads in an online network includes the steps of storing content relating to a first member of the network that is submitted by a second member of the network, receiving approval of the content from the first member, and associating the content with the first member. T ...

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A system, method, and article of manufacture are provided for navigating an electronic data source by means of spoken language where a portion of the data link between a mobile information appliance of the user and the data source utilizes wireless communication. When a spoken input request is recei ...

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Selective encryption is provided in a process which includes: determining whether a predetermined criterion is satisfied; setting a selective encryption status field if the predetermined criterion is satisfied; and encrypting an unencrypted payload to generate an encrypted payload, and constructing ...

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A method for fabricating features on a substrate having reduced dimensions. The features are formed by defining a first mask on regions of the substrate. The first mask is defined using lithographic techniques. A second mask is then conformably formed on one or more sidewalls of the first mask. The ...

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Methods and apparatus for shaping pipes, tubes, liners, or casing at downhole locations in wells. Use is made of rollers bearing radially outwards against the inside wall of the pipe (etc.), the rollers being rolled around the pipe to cause outward plastic deformation which expands and shapes the pi ...

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A method and apparatus for locating mobile device over a broad coverage area using a wireless communications link that may have large and unknown latency. The apparatus comprises at least one mobile device, a reference network, a position server, a wireless carrier, and a location requester. The mob ...

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Methods, apparatus and tools to be used with tubular expansion apparatus. In one aspect of the invention, tools are actuated or operated within a well by selectively expanding the tool wall. To actuate the tool, the tool wall is urged outward past its elastic limits. The expanding wall physically un ...