Robert Senzig
Fazle Ali, Jiang Hsieh, Robert F Senzig, Steven C Davis, Shawn P Faessler: Computed tomography fluoroscopy system. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, December 9, 2004: US20040247070-A1

A CT Fluoro system which, in one embodiment, includes an integrated controller, image reconstruction algorithms for increasing the speed of image display, and an enhanced image display, is described. The integrated controller enables the radiologist to maintain control of the system throughout the f ...

Robert Senzig
Allison L Weiner, Robert F Senzig: Adaptable user interface for diagnostic imaging. Patrick W Rasche, August 3, 2006: US20060173270-A1

A method of operating a user interface is provided. The method includes receiving a first control command at a console operationally coupled to a first and second medical system, wherein the console has control over both the first and second medical systems. The first medical system is operated base ...

Steven P Heneka, Andrew T Powshok, Eugene A Smith Jr: Segmented brake pipe train control system and related methods. GE Harris Railway Electronics L L C, Scott Hayden, John S Beulick, Patrick W Rasche, August 1, 2000: US06095618 (33 worldwide citation)

A train control system is for a train comprising at least first and second train segments including a brake pipe being separated between adjacent train segments. The train control system preferably comprises a first control subsystem for installation in a locomotive of the first train segment and a ...

Mark Lee Cook: System, device, and method for controlling a wind turbine using seasonal parameters. General Electric Company, Patrick W Rasche Esq, Armstrong Teasdale, February 1, 2011: US07880320 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for controlling an operation of a wind turbine. A plurality of operating specifications, each of which corresponds to a season, is defined. A current season is determined. An operating specification corresponding to the current season is selected. An operation of a wind turbine is controlle ...

Akihiko Nishide, Masaya Kumazaki, Masatake Nukui: X-ray CT apparatus and method of controlling it. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, September 11, 2003: US20030169842-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

For the purpose of determining an offset of the position of an X-ray tube from a prespecified position, and correcting axially projected data D1 and pixel projection data D2 based on the determined offset, proper axially projected data D1 can be obtained by an X-ray focal spot 2102 and a detector 21 ...

Yoshikazu Ikezaki: Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, February 26, 2004: US20040039276-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

For the purpose of enabling parallel imaging even when a navigator echo is used to phase-correct an imaging echo, the present invention involves: exciting spins within a subject to acquire an imaging echo generated by the excited spins along with a navigator echo, with a reduced field-of-view via a ...

Takao Goto, Kazuya Hoshino, Yuji Inoue, Masaaki Sakuma: Static field controlling method and MRI apparatus. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, January 9, 2003: US20030006771-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The temperature of permanent magnet blocks embedded in several positions in permanent magnets and base yokes will be adjusted by device of a heater to improve the static field uniformity.

Tadashi Shimazaki: Ultrasonic pulse transmission method and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, May 27, 2004: US20040102702-A1

For the purpose of preventing noticeable interleave blocks on a display screen, when a number of packets P is defined, P (2) ultrasonic pulse transmissions are conducted in one direction to acquire one acoustic line signal. At that time, if a number of interleaves I is defined, the ultrasonic pulse ...

Hiroshi Hashimoto: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. Patrick W Rasche, Armstrong Teasdale, July 8, 2004: US20040133107-A1

For the purpose of allowing confirmation of time progress during a run of a contrast agent protocol and the like on a display screen, time elapsed after freeze-off and time duration of freeze are displayed in a contrast agent protocol display region 52. In an elapsed-time-after-injection display reg ...