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A stampable thermoplastic composite having at least one thermoplastic layer and at least one shielding layer. The shielding layer comprises a material having an elongation to break of at least 8 percent, and the composite having an EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness of at least 30 db.

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Thin polymer films containing small sized platelet type filler. The polymer has a melt index of from 0.01 to 10 grams per 10 minutes at 190.degree. C. to 250.degree. C. as measured on ASTM Test No. D-1238 at a load of 1000 to 2160 grams. The preferred polymer is polycaprolactam or high density polye ...

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The present invention is an impact resistant composite and helmet made thereof. The helmet comprises an impact resistant composite shell. The composite shell comprises a plurality of prepreg packets. Each prepreg packet comprises at least about 2 and preferably 5 to 20 prepreg layers. There are from ...

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In accordance with the present invention, films of a nylon 6-nylon 6,6 blend are produced by a process which comprises blending about 50 to about 80 percent by weight nylon 6 resin and correspondingly about 50 to about 20 percent by weight nylon 6,6 resin, extruding said blend at a temperature above ...

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A composition comprising cement, a synthetic latex, preferably SBR latex, water and a low molecular weight polymer. The low molecular polymer preferably has a thermogravimetric value of less than 25 percent weight loss at 350.degree. C. The composition is useful in a method of making a cement compos ...

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Reinforced thermoplastic polymer composite sheets, formable into smooth, shaped objects in a stamping process. The characterizing constitutents of the composite sheet are: (1) a first layer of thermoplastic resin containing short glass fibers and a mineral filler such as kaolin, (2) a backing reinfo ...

Donald Joseph Lewis: Inflatable band restraint stitching. Allied Chemical Corporation, Patrick L Henry, Ernest D Buff, July 20, 1976: US03970329 (42 worldwide citation)

An inflatable band restraint for vehicle safety systems secured to the terminal webbing with longitudinal stitching such as a zig-zag stitch capable of yielding in at least two dimensions when the belt is inflated to prevent failure of the stitching.

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A bristle material is disclosed having improved stiffness, and comprised of a thermoplastic matrix comprising a blend of nylon and polyester and containing an abrasive filler.

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A method of rotationally molding a multi-layered article. The outer layer is first rotationally molded and solidified. An inner polymer layer is fed into the mold cavity and an inner layer is rotationally molded to the inner surface of the outer layer. Preferably, the outer layer and inner layer are ...

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The invention relates to a device for clamping a safety belt to prevent it being unwound from a belt reel, the device consisting of a housing in which is provided a lever, one end of the lever being pivotably mounted in the housing, a clamping surface being provided on the lever intermediate its end ...