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A structure to provide a variable nozzle for the fan air flow of a turbofan aircraft gas turbine engine with the nozzle being defined by the exit throat area defined by the aft edge of a trailing edge portion of the fan cowl and the core engine housing. A trailing edge cowl portion is slidably posit ...

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An arrangement for an aircraft propulsion system to determinably reduce or eliminate inlet cowl induced bending of a turbofan aircraft jet engine case during certain flight conditions. The arrangement includes a turbofan aircraft jet engine having an engine case with a fan case portion, a nacelle st ...

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A double layer structural honeycomb sandwich noise suppression panel for use in severe environments such as aircraft turbine engine housings. Two honeycomb core sheets having multiple cells transverse to the sheets are sandwiched around and bonded to a septum sheet consisting of a wire cloth sheet a ...

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A noise suppression panel having a first cellular core positioned between and bonded to an imperforate facing sheet on one surface thereof and a first sheet of microporous material on the other surface. A second core is bonded between the other surface of the first sheet of microporous material and ...

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A boundary layer control device is installed in the acoustically treated inlet duct of a turbofan engine. The device sucks off the turbulent boundary layer of air flowing over the inner or "air wetted" surface of the inlet during aircraft take-off, cruise and approach. The lip of the inlet can thus ...

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The leading edge of the jet engine nacelle is provided with structure to prevent the formation of ice particles at the inlet of the jet engine. The nacelle is split into leading and trailing chambers and there is a partition separating the chambers, the leading one of which includes the anti-icing a ...

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A thrust reverser for use with fan jet type aircraft gas turbine engines. A ring around the aft edge of the nacelle is translatable aft to uncover a series of cascade sets, each of which includes a plurality of turning vanes that direct air passing through the cascades in a reverse direction. The ac ...

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A method of producing an open, triaxial woven, acoustic face sheet useful in acoustic energy absorbing panels for aircraft engines or the like. The composite face sheet is formed from carbon fibers in an epoxy resin matrix and has about 25 to 33% open area. This face sheet has lower weight and super ...

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A perforated flat ribbon heating element embedded or sandwiched between the porous material and perforated sheet of honeycomb acoustic panel material used for sound suppression and deicing on ice buildup areas of an aircraft engine.

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A laminar flow control arrangement for use in a nacelle for an aircraft turbine engine. The nacelle has a microporous outer skin in the area where air flow over the skin is to be maintained in laminar flow. A honeycomb core is bonded to the inner surface of the nacelle skin. A perforated back skin i ...