Joe Massoud Nassiri: Ultra light wheelchair. Everest & Jennings, Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, June 3, 1986: US04592570 (94 worldwide citation)

The ultra light chair is designed for greater stability, higher performance, higher efficiency and overall better appearance than conventional chairs. A seat frame is provided separate from the main frame with seat mountings permitting longitudinal, tilt and height adjustments of the seat on the mai ...

Michael Slarve: Safety helmet. Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, December 17, 1985: US04559586 (38 worldwide citation)

A rider's helmet for a motorcycle or the like having an auxiliary brake lamp secured thereto and connected via a quick detachable electrical connector in parallel with the brake lamp of the motorcycle.

Vaughn D Wilkins: System for viewing three dimensional images. Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, December 17, 1985: US04559556 (30 worldwide citation)

A viewing system is provided for viewing images with a three-dimensional effect, wherein the system is particularly adapted for viewing television images in full color. The viewing system comprises a filter mat having two juxtaposed polarizing filters for placement over a television viewing screen o ...

Richard K Pinegar: Process for preparing parfried and frozen potato products. J R Simplot Company, Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, May 20, 1986: US04590080 (29 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for producing parfried and frozen potato product strips including but not limited to French fries, wherein the potato strips are adapted for reconstitution, immediately prior to consumption, in a microwave oven, conventional oven, convection oven, or finish fryer with highly de ...

Max J Ruderian: Hot and cold therapeutic applicator. Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, May 13, 1986: US04587959 (20 worldwide citation)

A single casing houses first and second blowers for expelling air through first and second outlet passages. One of the outlet passages incorporates a heater so that hot air can be expelled. The other passage is free of any heater so that cool air is expelled from the second passage. By alternately a ...

Bill F Jones: Lighting optical system. MWC Lighting, Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, May 27, 1986: US04591960 (18 worldwide citation)

An optical system useful in lighting fixtures for uniformly illuminating large areas, includes a plurality of reflectors situated about a light source to cause light emitted by the light source to be concentrated in a first directional range measured from downward vertical, and to provide decreasing ...

Agostino R Buccieri Jr: Lottery marking guide. Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, May 6, 1986: US04586906 (15 worldwide citation)

A folder having an opaque or transparent plastic template heat sealed along one edge to an overlapping opaque plastic layer. The template is rectangular and has rows and columns of rectangular openings therethrough. A lottery card is then inserted between the template and the overlapping plastic lay ...

Paul W Lang, Franklin C Gribshaw: Flat optical TV screen. Allen Jensen, Goldstake, Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, March 25, 1986: US04578709 (15 worldwide citation)

A flat TV screen is provided by overlapping rows and columns of fiber optics. Each cross-over point will emit more light than radiates from the side of a single optical fiber when both of the crossing fibers are energized. Therefore, a dot matrix can be generated by controlling the entrance of light ...

Daniel E Fiveash: Bathtub liner. Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, July 29, 1986: US04602393 (12 worldwide citation)

An integral sheet of plastic material is shaped to conform to the bottom, sides, vertical one end and sloping other end of a bathtub. The upper edges of the sheet extend beyond the upper edges of the bathtub so that the depth of the liner is greater than the depth of the bathtub thereby lessening th ...

John Vaughn: High torque fastener and driving tool. Pastoriza Kelly & Lowry, May 27, 1986: US04590825 (10 worldwide citation)

An improved high torque fastener is provided of the type having a screw head with a generally bow-tie shaped driving slot formed with undercut side walls and an arcuately concave bottom wall for reception of an arcuately convex blade of a driving tool for relatively high torque transfer therebetween ...