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Toll collection facilities for tunnels, bridges and turnpikes slow traffic, waste time and fuel, and increase air pollution. Eliminating the need for a toll payment stop would avoid this waste and reduce toll facility operating costs. A single, universally applicable system and apparatus is describe ...

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Management control terminal method and apparatus are provided in which the management control terminal as a whole is divided into two sections, namely, a custom application module (CAM) and a central master unit (CMU) which can be plugged together to form a CAM-CMU set having particular attributes u ...

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An industrial process control system for use with complex processes having many variables to be controlled.

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Continuous apparatus for impression molding products containing thermoplastic material and having three-dimensional patterns on one or both surfaces, similar or dissimilar, with or without continuously changing profile or shaped edges. The thermoplastic material to be formed may or not contain foama ...

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A shower head is provided capable of producing a pulsating or steady spray. Water entering the shower head passes through a set of inlet orifices into a plenum chamber and drives a turbine-type rotor within the chamber. The rotor has water cutting vanes which alternately open and close one or more w ...

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An autocycling control circuit unit is provided for controlling heating and/or airconditioning systems to provide controlled comfort and fuel savings. The unit contains a night thermostat which is continually coupled to the system for maintaining a minimum temperature level. A programmable timer ena ...

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A telephone electronic answering device (TEAD), interfaced to the standard telephone mechanism, resembles a pocket calculator in size and shape and receives and records messages sent to it from a caller's telephone. It receives either dual tone frequencies or rotary dial pulses fed from the caller's ...

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A vehicle identification system, using microwave, in which every vehicle to be identified has an identification panel attached to its side, containing a very low level power drain tunnel diode transponder and a digital coder plus a small battery and a resonant frequency array. Interrogating transmit ...

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While many materials and additives which will melt and freeze at various temperature levels for storing and releasing large amounts of heat thereby per unit volume have been disclosed, the packaging of these materials with suitable non-corrodible long-lasting heat exchange structures has been cumber ...

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A thermal noise thermometer operating on the principle that the temperature of a resistor is related to the magnitude of the thermal noise signal produced in the resistor. The thermoseter comprises a temperature-sensing resistor, a shot noise source, means for selectively applying shot noise signals ...