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The present invention provides a method and apparatus for selectively displaying visual information using dielectrophoretic forces resulting from the application of a non-uniform electrical field to a dielectric material. Specifically, first and second visually distinguishable materials having diffe ...

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A method is provided for protecting distributed software which relies on a unique factor such as an accessible serial number or the generation of a profile or fingerprint of the computer of the user which is entered individually and/or with a random factor to generate a unique first key which will d ...

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A convenient predetermined rectangular passive area is converted into a touch screen suitable for feeding X and Y cartesian coordinate data into a computer by employing ambient light as the medium to sense positioning of a pointer brought near to any desired coordinate location of the touch screen. ...

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The present invention provides method and apparatus for manipulating one or more chemicals within a reaction chamber or housing by dielectrophoretic forces. At least two materials, one of which is a chemical to be manipulated, are provided within the housing. The materials have different dielectric ...

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Cryosurgery may be performed by a microinvasive technique employing a novel cryosurgical probe. It is very thin, very long, and highly flexible. These characteristics are achieved by a construction consisting of a tube within a tube with no intermediate supporting elements therebetween. The probe is ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for protecting computer software using an active coded hardware apparatus which is adapted to be connected by an interface connector to a communications port of a computer. The computer is directed by a coded software program in which a small section of the code o ...

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Herein disclosed is a mechanical vibrating element which can be used as a resonator made operative to resonate in a predetermined frequency, a filter having a frequency selecting property or an optical deflector adapted to be mechanically dislocated in accordance with an input signal for deflecting ...

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An improved safety interlock for a food processor of the type including a control system for preventing actuation of a powerful motor drive, so that the food processing tool does not rotate, unless two conditions have been met; namely,

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A bone rasp for the working of bones said rasp having a plastic toothed working section with teeth and cutting edges and a connecting section, optionally made of plastic, for connecting the rasp to an impact tool. This rasp can be manufactured inexpensively, making possible one-time use and thereby ...