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An endoscope used for observing the interior of a cavity in a human body. In the endoscope according to the present invention, an image sensor is provided in the forward end of an insertion section and an object of interest is displayed on a screen of a television set in response to a video signal o ...

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This invention provides an apparatus for separating condensable gas, which is provided with, as a membrane for separating condensable gas, an inorganic porous membrane which has a layer having a multiplicity of micropores communicating in the thickness direction of the membrane and having a pore rad ...

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A sub-assembly comprising a contact finger support cage and a connection pad of each pole is securedly united to an intermediate insulating partition of the case by a bracket and screw fixing device. The cage is pivotally mounted on a spindle positioned in bearings of the pad, and is connected to a ...

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Microprocessor-based digital solid-state trip unit (48) generating an inverse time long delay and/or short delay trip by digital simulation of the heating and cooling of a bimetallic strip. A digital value (TETALR), stored in a RAM memory simulates the temperature of the bimetallic strip, this value ...

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A gelled oil filling compound primarily intended for optical cables which meets the standard drainage test at 70.degree. C. and is stable to prolonged exposure at -40.degree. C. consists essentially of a low aromatic hydrocarbon oil and a block copolymer with a molecular weight in the range 200,000 ...

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An ultrasonic sealing apparatus is disclosed wherein a pair of sheet-like members a bottom portion of a tubular member is fuse-bonded together by frictional heat generated by ultrasonic vibration. The apparatus includes horn (1) and anvil (2) means interposed with members to be fuse-bonded together. ...

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A trigger type liquid dispenser having a nozzle unit including a nozzle at its front end, a pump operated by a trigger and a container mount, in which the pump is operated by the trigger and has an annular cylinder including concentric outer and inner cylindrical members of double wall shape project ...

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Total hip prosthesis with primary fixation is provided with three essential parts:

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An automatic analyzing apparatus for effecting chemical analyses for various sample liquids such as blood, urine, and the like, comprising a sample delivery pump for metering a sample liquid into a reaction cuvette, a reagent delivery pump for delivering to the reaction cuvette a given amount of a g ...

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A method for controlling a continuously variable transmission installed in an engine. The method controls the continuously variable transmission so that the actual maximum speed ratio of the continuously variable transmission may be set to be lower than the maximum speed ratio within the range where ...