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An endoscope connecting system having as its imaging system a solid state imaging device for generating a video signal containing image information of an interested object which is transmitted to a display to be visualized such as a television picture comprises a fiberoptic endoscope having an eyepi ...

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A manually/electrically operated brake system for applying a brake to a wheel of a vehicle, including a master cylinder operated by a brake operating member, to generate a manually controlled braking pressure according to an operation of the brake operating member, a wheel brake cylinder for applyin ...

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This invention provides improvements in method of and apparatus for reducing an emitted amount of particulates by collecting the particulates contained in the exhaust gas from a diesel engine by a trapper. According to the invention, firstly, an excess amount of the particulates which have adhered t ...

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A heat transferable sheet which is to be used in combination with a heat transfer sheet, comprising (a) a substrate sheet and (b) a receptive layer formed on at least one surface of the substrate sheet for receiving dye which has migrated from said heat transfer sheet during heating printing, charac ...

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Amorphous alloys having high strength, high hardness, high crystallization temperature, high saturation magnetic induction, low coercive force, high magnetic permeability and particularly low deterioration of magnetic properties with lapse of time, have a composition formula of

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A magnetic-drive centrifugal pump comprises a driving motor, a pump shaft, an impeller, a rotor with a sleeve portion to which is connected the impeller, the rotor and impeller being rotatably mounted on the pump shaft, and a pump casing consisting of a front casing and a rear casing. The impeller i ...

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The mutually sliding members of a joint implant are each coated with a hard material selected from the group consisting of titanium carbide, oxicarbide, nitride, oxinitride, carbonitride and oxicarbonitride in order to improve the sliding, wear resistance and adhesion properties of the members.

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A honeycomb panel structure for thermal and acoustic insulation and for load bearing capability has a honeycomb panel which comprises a honeycomb core laminated with two facing plates, and a pair of housings. Each housing has a channel to engage and support a edge of the honeycomb panel. A first neu ...

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Each segment of a display device, e.g., a seven-segment display comprises at least one shutter normally obturating a cavity in a carrier on a base plate. Each shutter is suspended by two resilient attachments and can turn about a torsion axis established by these attachments under the influence of a ...

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An endoscope includes in a viewing head of its insertable section into a cavity of a living body an image sensor for generating a video signal which in turn is transmitted to a television display to be visualized thereon as a television picture. A manual control section of the endoscope according to ...