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A remotely controlled submerged electro-hydraulic cleaning system for removing growths from a ship's hull is disclosed. The system basically comprises four sections including a cleaning unit, a control console and a power supply unit. The cleaning unit includes a device having rotating scrubbing bru ...

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A system for locating and detecting acoustic noise sources such as liquid or gas leaks in the presence of conflicting ambient (i.e., background) noise by implementing one point correlation. In a preferred embodiment the device employed comprises a pair of spaced sensors mounted on a movable connecti ...

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Combustion of a carbonaceous fuel in a flame is improved by placing a catalyst comprising a metal or metal oxide in the primary reaction zone and thereby reducing smoke formation.

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A system for detecting leaks in buried storage tanks by measuring change in liquid level, comprising a product containing reservoir suspended from an electronic load cell for measuring any weight loss and thermal sensor for detecting any change in average product temperature. A volume calculating ci ...

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Mixing vanes are so arranged on certain sections of nuclear reactor spacer grid to provide a vortex flow of coolant about each intersection of the fuel assemblies in the reactor. This flow produces a mass transfer of coolant between adjacent assemblies and between regions within each assembly.

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A tank washing machine, suitable for cleaning the tanks of marine oil tankers, in which washing liquid is discharged from a nozzle mounted on a housing which is rotatable about a first axis (e.g., vertical) in relation to other normally fixed parts of the machine. The nozzle is pivotable or rotatabl ...

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An assembly for loading nuclear fuel pellets into a fuel rod comprising a loading head for feeding pellets into the open end of the rod. The pellets rest in a perforated substantially V-shaped seat through which air may be drawn for removal of chips and dust. The rod is held in place in an adjustabl ...

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A multi-product fluid swivel assembly for handling more than one cargo flow at a time, for use in single anchor leg mooring systems where deballasting to shore is required, where bunkering is desired, or where it is desired to handle more than one product simultaneously. The fluid swivel assembly in ...

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A method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a one feed, two-product multi-component distillation column to obtain products of the desired quality. Temperatures measured near the product withdrawal points are added and used as an index of the split between overhead and bottom products. Th ...

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A shim for use in the transportation of nuclear reactor fuel assemblies comprising a member preferably made of low density polyethylene designed to have three-point contact with the fuel rods of a fuel assembly and being of sufficient flexibility to effectively function as a shock absorber. The shim ...