Prakash G Balan, John R McWhirter: Slotted draft tube mixing systems. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, December 2, 2004: US20040240315-A1

A draft tube mixing system or reactor wherein the draft tube contains slots, perforations, or cut-out sections that allow cross flow of fluid through the draft tube wall. The perforations or slots can be practically any shape, however, simple geometric shapes such as rectangles and circles are prefe ...

William H Jones, H Dean Bunnell, Allen W Potter: Novel fire retardant materials and method for producing same. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, May 27, 2004: US20040099178-A1

An inherently fire retardant material that exhibits endothermic properties when exposed to high temperature and flame. The subject material is prepared by reacting a natural or synthetic polymer containing hydroxyl groups with an inorganic ammonium salt.

Joseph P Kitko, Michael C Wolf: Side-mounted shoulder compaction roller. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, March 11, 2004: US20040047686-A1

A compaction roller particularly useful for vibration compaction of the shoulder area of roadways. The compactor is designed as an attachment for side-mounting to self-propelled or motorized machinery (e.g. a skid steer front loader). The compaction roller contains: (a) a front section comprising a ...

John R McWhirter, Prakash G Balan: Surface aeration impellers. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, April 10, 2003: US20030067839-A1

A surface aeration impeller for use in a liquid filled tank. The impeller is rotatable about an axis perpendicular to the static liquid surface. The impeller has a plurality of blades mounted on the underside of a disc or disc-like surface. Each blade has a multi-faceted or curved geometry ranging f ...

George W Hamilton: Methods of improving winter-spring turfgrass quality. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, June 5, 2003: US20030101644-A1

A method for enhancing the winter-spring quality of turfgrass by application of a composition containing a sand that has been colored with a dark colorant. The color is typically a dark green or black and can be prepared by mixing a latex paint with a white sand. The darkened sand absorbs radiant su ...

Richard A Henry, Chia Hui Paul Shieh: Curved miniature liquid chromatography column. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, November 28, 2002: US20020176800-A1

A packed miniature liquid chromatography column having a curved or a coiled configuration for direct coupling to liquid chromatographic equipment is disclosed. The column may be encased by a housing for protection during handling and use.

Yuri P Belov, Carlo G Pantano, Subramania Ramachandran, Vladimir N Sidelnikov: Multicapillary column for chromatography and sample preparation. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, June 30, 2005: US20050139536-A1

A multicapillary column especially useful for liquid chromatography and sample preparation comprising a plurality of uniform capillaries coated with an insoluble stationary phase, wherein the thickness of the stationary phase is correlated with the radius of the individual capillaries for high effic ...

George Logue: Pipe or conduit collar. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, October 6, 2005: US20050218648-A1

A pipe or conduit collar particularly used in the connection of piping or conduits to underground vaults such as those used for receiving and distributing fluids such as storm water and sewage and also electrical wires and cable. The collar is a flexible strip having a spine and two sides defining a ...

Walter G M Schneider, Harvey B Manbeck, John J Janowiak: Wood deck connection system and method of installation. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko, April 22, 2004: US20040074183-A1

A wood deck connection system and a method for the installation of wooden deck panels using the system is disclosed. The reliable shear withdrawal connection system comprises a headed connector mechanically fastened to a steel, concrete or wooden girder, a wood-based deck panel having a receiver hol ...

John R McWhirter: Surface aeration impellers. Pamela A Ruest Esq, McQuaide Blasko Attorneys at Law, December 9, 2004: US20040247443-A1

The invention is an improved surface aeration impeller for use in a liquid filled tank which particularly increases the surface turbulence and the entrainment of gas into the liquid surface. The impeller is an axial flow impeller and may be either a pitched blade turbine (PBT) or have airfoil shaped ...