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A power supply implanted behind a tissue barrier in a human body and operating a medical device and incorporating a high frequency power receiver antenna coil; a transmitter having a high frequency transmitter antenna coil generating high frequency power and transmitting the power from the transmitt ...

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A spacer for delivering a maximum amount of a therapeutic agent to the lungs. The spacer may be connected in the inspiratory line running from a mechanical ventilator or hand held and operated manually by the nonintubated, spontaneously breathing patient or the intubated, spontaneously breathing pat ...

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Improved procedure for the preparation of borders of elements in wood particles, particularly for the formation of small doors, and panels so obtained, characterized by the fact of:

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An adsorbent neutralizer for absorbing, without disguising, odorous gases from soiled matter in a relatively large container having a closable opening at least the size of a hand. The adsorbent neutralizer is contained in a perforated receptacle and may be engaged relative to the container via adhes ...

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The invention relates to an oxygen sensor which measures the concentration of oxygen based upon ultrasonic sound waves traveling through a binary gas. The measured sound-wave delay through the gases determines the concentration level for oxygen within the transducer chamber. The invention includes a ...

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An apparatus and method for controlling a plurality of adjustable operational parameters of a hearing aid by the movement of an external magnetic actuator into and out of proximity with the hearing aid. The hearing aid has a microphone, hearing aid circuitry, an output transducer, and a magnetic swi ...

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A portable, hydraulic extremity pump apparatus for treatment of edema is disclosed. The apparatus consists of a flexible compression unit that wraps around an individual's extremity. The compression unity has a plurality of prefill bladders each containing a separate compression bladder. The bladder ...

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A chuck device having a one-step lock and release mechanism for conveniently coupling a power bit to a drill having a Jacobs-style chuck. The chuck device includes a body having a centrally-positioned bore which is adapted to receive the power bit shank. The power bit shank includes a circumferentia ...