Jerome F McAleer, David Scott, Geoff Hall, Manuel Alvarez Icaza, Elliot V Plotkin: Disposable glucose test strip and method and compositions for making same. Selfcare, Oppedahl & LarsonLLP, September 14, 1999: US05951836 (462 worldwide citation)

An improved disposable glucose test strip for use in a test meter of the type which receives a disposable test strip and a sample of blood from a patient and performs an electrochemical analysis is made using a working formulation containing a filler, an enzyme effective to oxidize glucose, e.g., gl ...

Rudy Peemans, Jan Peter Visser, Hendrik Herman Caré, Edwin Van Der Schuit, Robbert Vos: Process for cleaning bisphenol pre-reactor. General Electric Company, Oppedahl & LarsonLLP, June 12, 2001: US06245951

In a semicontinuous method for manufacturing bisphenols, reduced fouling in the pre-reactor is achieved by using two or more prereactors are used to continuously condense the dihydric phenol and the ketone or aldehyde to produce a partial reaction product in which the reaction of the dihydric phenol ...

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