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Polypeptides such as enzymes and insulin are coupled to polyethylene glycol or polypropropylene glycol having a molecular weight of 500 to 20,000 daltons to provide a physiologically active non-immunogenic water soluble polypeptide composition. The polyethylene glycol or polypropylene glycol protect ...

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A method, sensor and semiconductor device for determining the concentration of an analyte in a medium. The device features an element constructed of semiconductive organic polymer associated with a binding substance having specific affinity for the analyte.

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Biosensor for amperometric measurements wherein the measuring electrode (34) is made of an electrically conductive carrier made of carbon which is saturated with a platinum metal in colloidal form wherein a lead-off contact (10) of vitreous carbon runs from the measuring electrode (34). The porous c ...

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A method for the continuous production of a cross-linked polymer having a low proportion of large particles, comprising the steps of continuously feeding the aqueous solution of a monomer capable of being converted by aqueous solution polymerization into a water-containing cross-linked gel polymer a ...


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Methods of using tetanus toxin to modulate or control neural functions or nonneural cellular activities at selected sites in animals, particularly in mammals, and more particularly in humans, are provided. Pharmaceutical formulations to modulate neural functions or non-neural cellular activities of ...

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A system for obtaining body fluids for continuous chemical analysis thereof includes a catheter for obtaining the material to be measured. The surface of the catheter is partially coated with a semi-permeable filter membrane. From the rear side of the filter membrane a plurality of channels are prov ...

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Needleless jet-injection device, characterized in that it consists of a body (1) having at one of its ends (4, 5) a cap (3), which, thanks to a relative movement between these elements, may drive a loading mechanism (2), co-operating with an impact component (17) which has to strike the piston of a ...

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Catheter for echographic imaging within a cavity, comprising a proximal end situated to the outside of the patient, a distal end situated close to the tissues which are to be investigated, and a body connecting these two ends, the distal end comprising a guide wire and a capsule which is transparent ...

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A copolymer represented by the general formula: ##STR1## [wherein, A denotes an alkylene group of 2 to 4 carbon atoms, the --A--O--.sub.a chain may have at least one oxy-alkylene unit bonded in any possible order, a denotes an integer of the value of 1 to 100, R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 independently denot ...