Richard L Kane: Securities and commodities trading system. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, November 13, 2001: US06317728 (348 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the invention there is provided a securities trading system based on the principles of artificial intelligence. It includes a data acquisition system having an input communicating with a securities exchange for receiving securities buy/sell data; a clock for generating clock times ...

Bonnie E Reich: Dental shower water pick. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, October 19, 2010: US07814585 (67 worldwide citation)

A show head water pick apparatus includes a first pipe segment for attachment to a shower pipe protruding outwardly from shower stall wall and having a first pipe segment outward end; a switch valve having a switch valve intake end connected to the first pipe segment outward end, and having a shower ...

Samuel F Patarra: Portable cooler apparatus with umbrella mounting means. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, April 29, 2003: US06554012 (46 worldwide citation)

A container apparatus for use in combination with an umbrella having an umbrella mast and umbrella canopy includes a food container having a container top wall, a container side wall and a container bottom wall together defining a container interior, with an umbrella mast passing port, a mast engagi ...

Suzanne K Prather: Shoe with magnetic fastener. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, April 19, 2005: US06880270 (45 worldwide citation)

An article of clothing includes flexible clothing sheet material having first and second sheet material ends which separate to pass a portion of a wearer body into and out of the article of clothing; and first and second magnetic fasteners which are magnetically attracted to each other and are secur ...

Chris W Tuorto, Anthony Fernandez, Michael M Anthony: Physiology monitoring sleep prevention system. Chris W Turto, Anthony Fernandez, Oltman Flynn & Kubler, May 25, 1999: US05907282 (44 worldwide citation)

A sleep detection and alarm system includes a sensor for sensing physiological changes in a user indicating the onset of sleep, an alarm, and an alarm activation mechanism connected to the sensor for sounding the alarm upon detection of the changes by the sensor to awaken the user. The sensor prefer ...

Charles Dumont: Universal merchandise tag. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, December 24, 1996: US05587703 (42 worldwide citation)

A purchase item security and information tag apparatus for attachment to a purchase item in a store includes a tag body, a purchase item information display mechanism for retaining item data in machine readable form, and a tag engagement security mechanism including an elongate item engaging member ...

Cyrus Milanian: Integrated entertainment and resort complex. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, September 12, 2000: US06115974 (40 worldwide citation)

An integrated entertainment and resort complex, which includes at least a first transportation hub; at least one shopping mall communicating with the transportation hub; and at least one riverwalk communicating with the transportation hub. The complex may include at least a second transportation hub ...

Michael M Anthony: Self-cooling beverage and food container using fullerene nanotubes. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, September 7, 1999: US05946930 (37 worldwide citation)

The apparatus includes a container such as a metal or plastic can containing a product and having a conventional unified bottom and side container wall terminating in an upper sealing flange. A refrigerant receptacle is provided including a receptacle cup having a cup wall. The cup wall has an expan ...

Mario Badia: Mobile fishing rod rack. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, August 19, 1997: US05657883 (35 worldwide citation)

A mobile fishing rod rack includes top and bottom boards and side boards with holes for receiving fishing poles. The rack is mounted on caster wheels such that it is mobile and can be rolled around for easy access and storage and convenience in loading fishing poles.

Richard E Franco: Snap-on package. Oltman Flynn & Kubler, April 28, 1998: US05743423 (34 worldwide citation)

The package comprises a container made of resilient molded plastic that contains an impression and lid. The impression is located in the bottom of the container. The impression comprises two concentric cylindrically shaped tubes, a ring that connects the tubes and a closure. The lower tube has a lar ...