Gene M Farling: Human body implant of graphitic carbon fiber reinforced ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Zimmer USA, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, November 1, 1977: US04055862 (250 worldwide citation)

A medical body implant element that is intended to experience rolling or sliding pressure during its function in the human body comprises microparticles of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which are fused together into a matrix. A quantity of graphitic carbon fibers of short, random lengths ...

Curtis Gary Martin: Locking staple. Illinois Tool Works, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, May 27, 1975: US3885491 (242 worldwide citation)

A fastening staple is provided which comprises a pair of workpiece-penetrating legs and an interconnecting bridge. Arms are connected to the bridge at fulcrum points, and each arm is crimped to provide a surface extending below the plane of the bridge. As the staple is forced into the workpiece, the ...

Steven M Hoel: Striped laminate and method and apparatus for making same. Snyder Manufacturing, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, August 29, 1978: US04110497 (123 worldwide citation)

A striped, flexible laminate sheet is disclosed, together with a method and apparatus for making the sheet. The sheet can include first and second plies, and an intermediate open woven scrim bonded together by a plastisol bonding agent. Atop one ply are heat-bonded one or more relatively narrow and ...

Hochman Robert F: Body implant material. Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, July 8, 1975: US3893196 (97 worldwide citation)

A material for use in fabricating a prosthesis or other body implant comprises graphite or boron fibers embedded in or coated with a medically inert plastic. The plastic binder may be a medical grade silicone polymer or the plastic may, for example, be an epoxy resin and with the epoxy resin being c ...

Dan L Pastrick, John M McDaniel: Rotational offset knee prosthesis. Zimmer U, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, January 30, 1979: US04136405 (90 worldwide citation)

A knee joint prosthesis comprises cooperating femoral and tibial components and a coupling which is arranged to make a hinged connection therebetween. Interdisposed hinge knuckles and a cooperating pintle define a lateral-medial pivot axis that is located posteriorly of the intersection between the ...

Charles O Larson: Display rack device. Chas O Larson Co, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, June 13, 1978: US04094415 (87 worldwide citation)

This invention relates generally to improvements in display rack devices and more particularly to display rack devices adapted for attachment to vertical panels and the like. The present invention as illustrated herein contemplates a plurality of elongate arm members, each having a free extremity fo ...

Ronald W Steffen: Liquid spreader control system. Dickey john Corporation, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, October 4, 1977: US04052003 (84 worldwide citation)

An automatic control system for use with a vehicular liquid sprayer of the type which pumps the liquid to be sprayed at a desired pressure to a plurality of nozzles which dispense the liquid at a predetermined desired density relative to the area being sprayed, with the density being a function of a ...

Reiland Bernard F: Threaded fastener with torque control head. Textron, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, May 28, 1974: US3812757 (79 worldwide citation)

A threaded bolt has an enlarged hexagonal auxiliary driving head and an outwardly adjoining smaller main driving head. The small driving head is dimensioned so that it will shear from the remainder of the bolt under an applied driving torque which approximates the seating torque of the bolt. Thus wh ...

Hidding Walter E: Tamperproof closure with grippable handle. Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, September 2, 1975: US3902621 (79 worldwide citation)

A tamperproof cap structure, including a cap, a locking ring and a handle are provided for use with a bottle or similar container having one or more teeth fashioned adjacent a reduced bottleneck. The cap structure locking ring is provided with one or more pawls positioned to mate with the container ...

Durkop Hermann: Tank for fuel oil or other liquids. Forval Verkaufsgesellschaft H Durkop & Co, Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse, November 19, 1974: US3848765 (77 worldwide citation)

A double-walled tank is provided for the storage of fuel oil and other liquids and comprises a spaced inner and outer tank in accordance with known concepts. In the present disclosure the outer tank is made of asbestos-cement, preferably with continuously wound asbestos fibers.