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A closed-loop IC design optimization process by automatically or manually creating design-specific cells with desired characteristics (e.g., performance, area, power, noise, etc.), which will be then implemented as a standard cell (also known hereafter as metacell), from a set of post-layout pattern ...

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According to one embodiment, a semiconductor integrated circuit includes first and second resistance change type memory element and first and second switches. The first resistance change type memory element includes a first terminal connected to a first power supply and a second terminal connected t ...

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In a computer system including a disk controller and a disk drive, the disk controller determines whether to issue a command to the disk drive by considering both a priority level associated with the command, and a pending workload of the disk drive.

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A method of Digital to Analogue conversion of an input signal Do for suppressing the effect of clock-jitter in a Delta-Sigma analogue to digital converter, or class D amplifier, comprises charging a capacitor to a reference voltage value (Vref) during a first phase (φ) of a clock signal, discharging ...

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There is provided a game in which a first game piece has a first game piece level value, a second game piece has a second game piece level value, and a third game piece has a third game piece level value. The first game piece also has an attacking ability value such that the first game piece, when w ...

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An optical line terminal calculates a requirement threshold for each optical subscriber unit based on a difference between the time average allocated bandwidth of each optical subscriber unit and the target bandwidth, and notifies a corresponding optical subscriber unit of the calculated requirement ...

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The invention relates to a mounting interface configured for a photovoltaic module (1) comprising a backside (2) having an overall backside surface size (4, 5), the mounting interface comprising at least six mounting elements (3) attachable to the backside (2) of the photovoltaic module (1) for moun ...

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The method of the invention produces protruding features on a glass layer. Initially, a conductive layer is applied to the glass layer and is coupled to a source of reference potential. This conductive layer prevents a build-up of electrons in the glass layer when it is exposed to an electron beam. ...

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An improved method for the uniform coloration of cheese comprises binding or associating a food grade water-soluble annatto colorant with a renaturable casein carrier which is then dispersed within the milk source that is processed into the final cheese product. The method comprises the improved par ...

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A method and an apparatus for determination of properties, e.g. of elements of the Jones matrix of an optical device under test, comprising the steps of: producing an incoming light beam, splitting the light beam into a first light beam and a second light beam, coupling the first light beam, prefera ...