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A telephone system supports communication with user devices over both a cellular radio network as well as over an Internet Protocol (IP) network, and enables roaming and active call handoff between cellular and IP domains. Components of the system interact with conventional cellular telephone system ...

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Methods and systems are provided for transforming music played by characters, objects and non-player characters in order to produce an enhanced audio experience for players within a massively multiplayer game.

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Methods and systems for dynamic natural language understanding. A hierarchical structure of semantic categories is exploited to assist in the natural language understanding. Optionally, the natural language to be understood includes a request.

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The invention relates to a device (100) for treating wounds of the human or animal body using a vacuum and having a gas-tight wound-covering element (4), which, when placed in contact with the body of the patient, forms a wound space (10) between the respective wound and the wound-covering element, ...

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A location beacon database and server, method of building location beacon database, and location based service using same. Wi-Fi access points are located in a target geographical area to build a reference database of locations of Wi-Fi access points. At least one vehicle is deployed including at le ...

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A communication system for providing high-speed wireless access to mobile processing systems a stationary transceiver defining an information portal in its immediate vicinity. A local server in communication with this stationary transceiver is configured to respond to a mobile processing-system pres ...

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In one aspect, reduced power consumption and/or circuit area of a discrete time analog signal processing module is achieved in an approach that makes use of entirely, or largely, passive charge sharing circuitry, which may include configurable (e.g., after fabrication, at runtime) multiplicative sca ...

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A heat exchange structure includes a plurality of elongated air ducts. The heat exchange structure has an exterior heat exchange surface and interior heat exchange surfaces, the interior surfaces being in the elongated air ducts. The heat exchange structure includes a plurality of heat generators th ...

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A multi-component dressing (100) for treating wounds of the human or animal body, using a reduced pressure, comprising a wound-covering element (4) for mounting the dressing (100) at the surface of the skin and the mucous membrane having at least one connecting site (5) through which material in the ...

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An apparatus for stimulating the vestibular system includes an actuator disposed to interact with the vestibular nerve and a controller for causing the actuator to interact with the vestibular nerve. The result of the interaction is that the brain receives a stationary signal.