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There is disclosed hemoglobin modified in that a poly(alkylene oxide) is bonded thereto by a bond between a terminal group of said poly(alkylene oxide) and an amino group of said hemoglobin, said bond having the structure:

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A novel modified hemoglobin was prepared. The hemoglobin is coupled with a polyalkylene glycol or its derivative, and the products are useful as a blood substitute. The oxygen-carrying capacity of this hemoglobin is nearly equal to that of a native hemoglobin, and the residence time in the circulati ...

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An electrically conducting solid electrode having a surface on which a nitrogen-containing electron mediator and a strong acidic cation exchange resin containing aromatic groups are immobilized is disclosed along with methods for producing this electrode and uses therefor.

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Derivatives of a nonimmunogenic plasminogen activator which comprises at least one polyalkylene glycol group chemically bonded with at least one coupling agent to amino acid side chains of said plasminogen activator, wherein said polyalkylene glycol has a molecular weight of about 200-20,000 and is ...


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A chemically modified electrode comprising a pyrolytic graphite surface, wherein the basal plane of graphite is exposed on said surface and a redox/adsorption electron mediator is irreversibly absorped directly onto the basal plane of graphite on said surface, is disclosed along with methods of usin ...

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An electrochemical measuring apparatus which essemtially comprises an asymmetric semipermeable membrane mounted on an immobilized enzyme membrane of an enzyme electrode, said asymmetric semipermeable membrane being essentially formed of a thin semipermeable layer exposed to the outside for contact w ...

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A slot machine with at least three coaxially disposed wheels having a plurality of playing symbols on the peripheries thereof, wherein a plurality of columns of windows, one column for each window, are disposed in front of the wheels to enable viewing of a preselected number of symbols of each wheel ...

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Microcapsules laden with an active agent are prepared by a method comprising: (a) dissolving or dispersing an active agent in a solvent and dissolving a wall forming material in said solvent; (b) dispersing said solvent containing said active agent and wall forming material in a continuous-phase pro ...