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A radio frequency identification system employing a thin, flexible electronic radio frequency identification (RFID) tag having an overall thickness not exceeding approximately 280 microns and the process for its manufacture is disclosed. The RFID tag includes an insulating, flexible substrate having ...

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Forms of interaction with an electronic system, such as for games of chance, games of skill, and combinations thereof are described herein. A system is provided for effecting defined game play and prizing structure parameters in an electronic entertainment environment. The system may include an inpu ...

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A caching server that provides faster access times for independently operating network elements. The caching server initiates information transfer and holds the requested information in its memory, instead of caching information transfer in response to user requests. The caching server preloads info ...

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The present invention provides a method and apparatus for testing RFID tags using wireless radio frequency (RF) communication. The method and apparatus allow RFID tags to be tested individually or in groups while they are in close proximity to each other (e.g., within the read range of the tag).

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A wireless network having a base station adapted for wireless communications, a wireless bar code scanner and a network ID label having a bar code symbol printed thereon. The bar code symbol includes encoded information pertaining to the base station. A wireless bar code scanner is adapted to scan a ...

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A method and apparatus for optimizing a circuit design using a library of cells in which a continuous spectrum of cells are provided. A library containing real and virtual cells is used so that cells can be selected across a wide spectrum of a design parameter, such as drive strength. The cells are ...

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A biologic electrode array is formed on a semiconductor substrate. A matrix of electrode sites is disposed on the semiconductor substrate. A matrix of optical detectors is disposed beneath the electrode sites in the semiconductor substrate, wherein each electrode site is associated with a correspond ...

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A sticker transponder adapted to be affixed to a glass surface, such as a vehicle windshield, includes a RFID transponder enabling the storage and retrieval of vehicle related data. The sticker transponder comprises a flexible circuit substrate having an antenna formed thereon and a transponder circ ...

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An evacuation sheath assembly and method of treating occluded vessels which reduces the risk of distal embolization during vascular interventions is provided. The evacuation sheath assembly includes an elongated tube defining an evacuation lumen having proximal and distal ends. A proximal sealing su ...

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A radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder (tag) includes a spiral over ground plane antenna. The RFID tag includes a RFID circuitry that may be implemented as an RFID tag integrated circuit and may be mounted on one surface of a substrate such as a printed circuit board. The RFID tag circu ...