Richter Harold J: Fluid transfer umbilical assembly for use in zero gravity environment. DeArment Phillip L, Chin Gay, O Boyle James G, December 30, 1975: US3929164 (117 worldwide citation)

A fluid transfer umbilical assembly for use in a zero gravity environment, the umbilical being constructed and arranged to contain the end forces developed during pressurization of the umbilical, thereby preventing elongation or longitudinal growth, whereby the umbilical is maintained flexible to fa ...

Semeia Roberto: Composite swim fins. AMF Mares Sub, O Boyle James G, December 2, 1975: US3922741 (33 worldwide citation)

A swim fin including a scoop member made from a stiff plastic material molded to a shoe member made from a soft synthetic elastomer, the scoop member having a planar portion forming a half-sole for the shoe; projections, recesses and apertures being formed on the scoop member for providing an additi ...

Eaton James W: Oral disease prevention motivating kit. O Boyle Gardner J, O Boyle James G, July 15, 1975: US3894550 (25 worldwide citation)

An oral disease prevention motivating kit including a compartmented cabinet containing oral disease preventive supplies, a timer, and a program indicator for keeping daily records for each user of the oral disease preventive program.

Picco William A: Golf Bag. Gates W L, Brady Rupert J, O Boyle James G, August 26, 1975: US3901299 (24 worldwide citation)

A golf bag of relatively large size and having a generally tubular shape. The bag includes a pliable bag body member and substantially rigid collar and base members readily detachable from the body member preferably by means of respective slide fasteners encircling the end portions of the bag such t ...

McKay Roy H: Tractor and trailer fifth wheel bearing attachment. O Boyle Gardner J, O Boyle James G, June 3, 1975: US3887251 (20 worldwide citation)

A preassembled bearing element including lubricated plates attachable directly to the trailer plates of existing fifth wheel rigs.

Dean Joe O: Vehicle chassis frame. O Boyle James G, O Boyle Gardner J, April 23, 1974: US3806184 (17 worldwide citation)

A vehicle chassis frame having longitudinally extending, telescopic frame members, inclined portions formed on each end of said frame members, anti-friction rollers mounted on the inclined frame portions supporting similarly inclined frame portions secured to the vehicle body, and shear bolts connec ...

Schmid J Leonhard: Portable display case. O Boyle Gardner J, O Boyle James G, October 21, 1975: US3913711 (16 worldwide citation)

A portable display case including a pair of containers detachably connected together, each container having a compartmented body portion and a hinged cover adapted to be folded to a substantially horizontal position for supporting the compartmented portion in an inclined position, whereby goods cont ...

Sanders Jerrell: Portable valve actuator. O Boyle James G, June 24, 1975: US3891181 (13 worldwide citation)

A portable valve actuator having coaxial shanks, the inner shank being rotatable within the outer shank, bifurcated portions being provided on corresponding ends of the shanks and handle portions on the opposite ends of the shanks, the bifurcated end of the inner shank being adapted to fit over the ...

Poggio Sebastiano: Bending press. Verrina, O Boyle James G, December 10, 1974: US3852991 (12 worldwide citation)

A bending press with hydraulic overhead drive, provided with a vertically reciprocable upper jaw, guided in its reciprocation motion by the machine frame, and which may be inclined with respect to the lower jaw. The upper jaw is operated at least in its lowering direction by a pair of lateral hydrau ...

Ferraro Luigi: Divers mask. O Boyle James G, September 30, 1975: US3908196 (9 worldwide citation)

A diver's mask comprising a resilient face piece provided with a rim defining at least one front opening to accomodate a transparent pane member. The said pane member is provided with a substantially rigid peripheral flange having a first, forwardly directed surface and a second rearwardly directed ...