Peter Ireland: Application of elastomeric vortex generators. Nwamu P C, Fidel D Nwamu, October 28, 2014: US08870124 (13 worldwide citation)

A method of improving aerodynamic performance of foils by the application of conformal, elastomeric vortex generators. The novel use of elastomers allows the application of various forms of vortex generators to sections that have been problematic from engineering and cost considerations. A novel and ...

Tyler Parham: Multi-player secondary gaming method and system. Nwamu P C, Fidel D Nwamu, April 24, 2012: US08162666 (7 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the present invention, multiple networked gaming devices can participate in a secondary type game. A primary game such as poker, rotatable wheels, wheel of fortune or the like is initiated on a gaming device. A predetermined outcome (for example) of the primary game is then used t ...

Jeffrey Ordaz: Garage door system and method. Nwamu P C, October 21, 2014: US08866583 (5 worldwide citation)

A universal system and method for controlling existing garage doors via existing garage door openers. The system includes a module operable both manually and automatically to control the existing garage door, Wifi communication circuitry to receive instructions wirelessly from a remote, circuitry fo ...

Jonathan Thompson, Latonya Slack: Global positioning system equipped hazard detector and a system for providing hazard alerts thereby. Nwamu P C, February 2, 2016: US09251687 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to detectors of hazardous environmental conditions (e.g., smoke, gas, motion). Specifically, the invention relates to a hazard detector configured to transmit and/or receive information related to hazardous environmental conditions based at least in part on the location ...

Justin Shelby Kitch, John Paul Tokash, Thai Duc Bui: Video lesson builder system and method. CURIOUS COM, Nwamu P C, May 10, 2016: US09336685 (3 worldwide citation)

An online video lesson builder system and method. The remotely-located system generates a single interface having a lesson index display area and a video display area for displaying data presentation (e.g., video) content associated with a lesson. A section control menu provides edit and assembly co ...

Milton O Brien: Lift support garment system. Nwamu P C, Fidel D Nwamu, September 3, 2013: US08522364 (2 worldwide citation)

A garment system enabling helpers or care givers to provide physical assistance to elderly or handicapped persons and the like. The garment system includes a pair of pants, front straps, back straps, side support straps and an inner lining attached to the interior of said pants.

Raghav Gupta: Geosocial network system and method for aggregating group members. Nwamu P C, July 7, 2015: US09076349 (2 worldwide citation)

A geosocial network system and method for aggregating group members. A plurality of geosocial groups is generated for each user, if desired. Each geosocial group might be based on particular topics of interests specified by the user. Each geosocial group can receive map data contributions from membe ...

Fikre Atnafe: Back machine and method. NWAMU P C, Fidel D Nwamu, February 5, 2013: US08366590 (1 worldwide citation)

A back machine and method that can be employed by individuals particularly those with chronic back pain to stretch the lower back muscles, realign and strengthen the lower spine and also to reduce pain. The back machine includes a base portion and a frame portion. The frame portion includes a lower ...


Christina Kinney, Kyle McKay: Longitudinally segregated vessel. NWAMU P C, July 24, 2018: US10029822

A longitudinally segregated vessel segregates items into longitudinal compartments, and allows rotational manipulation of the items. A bottom wall and the continuous sidewall form a cavity to receive the items. A longitudinal divider is removably placeable in the cavity of the cylindrical container. ...