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A cervical intervertebral disk prosthesis has two cover plates, at least one of which is provided with a wedge-shaped connection surface for connection to a vertebral body and which is wider than it is deep. The dorsal edge of the connection surface may be set back from the dorsolateral edge of the ...

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A cervical intervertebral prosthesis includes two connection plates adapted for connection to adjacent vertebral bodies and a hinge core. The hinge core and one connection plate together form a hinge with a concave hinge surface on the hinge core and with a complementary convex hinge surface on the ...

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The present invention relates generally to medical devices and methods for use in spinal surgery. In particular, the disclosed devices relate to a spinal fixation system and an intervertebral spinal implant assembly sized and dimensioned for the lumbar spine implantable via an anterior or anterolate ...


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A system and method for spinal fusion comprising a spinal fusion implant of non-bone construction releasably coupled to an insertion instrument dimensioned to introduce the spinal fusion implant into any of a variety of spinal target sites, in particular into the thoracic region of the spine.

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Implants, instruments, and methods for performing surgical procedures on the spine, including one or more of creating an operative corridor to the spine, delivering implants to the spine, fusing one or more segments of the spine, and fixing one or more segments of the spine.

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A spinal cross-connector comprises an elongated member, a first connector and a second connector. The first connector and the second connector are configured to receive spinal rods and adaptable to directly attach with pedicle screws. The first connector includes a first collet head, a first clamp a ...

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This disclosure describes example embodiments of rod reduction instrumentation and other rod and vertebrae manipulation instruments. The rod reducers can be used during the installation of a rod based surgical fixation system to help urge the rod into the fixation anchors. The reducers described pro ...