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A spinal fixation assembly includes a fusion cage to which a plate is mated. The plate is configured to receive, retain and orient bone screws.

Alastair McIndoe Hodges, Thomas William Beck, Oddvar Johansen: Electrochemical cell. LifeScan, Nutter McClennan & Fish, October 27, 2009: US07608175 (108 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a biosensor and more particularly to an electrochemical biosensor for determining the concentration of an analyte in a carrier. The invention is particularly useful for determining the concentration of glucose in blood and is described herein with reference to that use but ...

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An electromagnetic field source (EFS) for providing electromagnetic energy to a secondary coil, including two or more primary coils that each carry a time-varying current to produce an electromagnetic field, and a controller that selectively provides current to one or more primary coils based on the ...

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A bone prosthesis is provided which includes an implantable elongate stem member having a bore extending therethrough. The stem member has a proximal end and a distal end with at least one slot formed in the distal end. The slot extends along at least a portion of the stem member, in a longitudinal ...

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A heating system includes an electric heater having coupled thereto a temperature controller and a power activation relay switch coupled to the temperature controller and a meter system coupled to a power terminal on the electric heater to provide an interruptible supplemental heating system for use ...

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The present invention provides orthopedic prosthesis having at least one metallic component that includes a metallic substrate on which an integrally formed nano-crystalline coating is formed. The coating and the substrate have at least one metallic constituent in common having an average atomic con ...

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Edge or contour information is extracted from an image array by filtering and encoded. In order to improve reproduction accuracy, two separate filters are used to detect edge information. One of the filters detects "sharp" edges, or edges in which the discontinuity in pixel intensity values occurs o ...

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Methods and apparatus for dermatology treatment are provided which involve the use of continuous wave (CW) radiation, preheating of the treatment volume, precooling, cooling during treatment and post-treatment cooling of the epidermis above the treatment volume, various beam focusing techniques to r ...

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An implantable device for stabilizing at least a portion of a spinal column. The implantable device comprises an implantable artificial facet joint and one or more artificial ligaments connecting the implanted artificial facet joint to a third vertebra disposed adjacent to either the first or the se ...

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The invention provides improved methods and apparatus for workflow editing. Such methods and apparatus permit, for example, user-defined and/or other tasks to be combined in any combination or combinations to specify a workflow. The tasks can be linked for direct, serial processing and/or for condit ...