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An electronic detection and identification system operating with correlated microwave frequencies wherein a transmitter continuously transmits a beam of electromagnetic energy, in a predetermined direction, so as to impinge on an identification tag suitably attached on a passing object. The identifi ...

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A horn antenna is described including a funnel-shaped coupler with a port at the narrow end of the coupler adapted to excite a symmetrical waveguide mode in the coupler and a plurality of side wall input ports adapted to excite at least two difference waveguide modes. The port at the narrow end of t ...

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A system wherein orbit-adjust thrusters of a Pitch Momentum Bias spacecraft are used to perform both orbital inclination adjustment and roll and/or yaw attitude control. A strapdown inertial reference system comprising two rate gyros is operated in conjunction with an on-board computer to derive the ...

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In a pulse modulation and detection communications system suitable for use with high-power carrier sources such as light emitting diodes or transferred electron oscillators, the zero axis crossings of an audio frequency signal are used to control the output pulse width of the carrier source. The car ...

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A directional microphone includes a microphone unit responsive to waves in the audio frequency range and means for causing the microphone unit to operate as a second order microphone in a lower portion of that frequency range. Further means for imparting highly directional characteristics to waves i ...

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A standard test element bearing predetermined coded information, which is movably mounted to a card reader, is displaced from its home position by the insertion to its operating position in the card reader of a card to be read, but is returned to its home position upon the withdrawal of the card. Th ...

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An apparatus to synchronize a scanning light beam, reflected from a rotationally driven polygonal mirror, with means for processing signals manifesting optical information relating to the scanning light beam of the type operating under the control of timing signals. The optical information processin ...

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A data processor for a time division multiplexed communications system. A plurality of such data processors are connected in series in a loop configuration, each having a data terminal associated therewith, for establishing a connection between data processors in a time division multiplexed channel. ...

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Optical coupling between a fibre-optic waveguide and a planar optic waveguide is achieved by providing techniques for phase matching intercoupled evanescent fields of light wave energy traveling respectively in the two types of waveguides.

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A detector for repetitive cyclically permutable digital codes. The detector utilizes two shift registers, serially connected to provide two delayed versions of a repetitive code. A majority vote circuit responsive to the undelayed code and two delayed codes is used for forward error reduction. A run ...