Jean Pompei, Francis Pierrot: Polarographic cell. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Norman N Spain, July 11, 1978: US04100048 (263 worldwide citation)

A polarographic cell for measuring partial pressure of oxygen in a fluid in which the detector electrode and the reference electrode are immersed in an electrolyte at least partially absorbed in a rigid insulating material.

Erik P N Damen, Christoph Schiller: Method of and system for measuring performance during an exercise activity, and an athletic shoe for use in system. U S Philips Corporation, Ernestine C Bartlett, Norman N Spain, March 12, 2002: US06356856 (171 worldwide citation)

A system for measuring the speed of a person while running or walking along a surface. A single acceleration sensor measures the acceleration in the forward direction and provides an acceleration signal which is amplified and subsequently sampled by analog to digital converter. The digital signal is ...

Dennis Gallagher, Rameshwar Bhargava, Jacqueline Racz: Encapsulated quantum sized doped semiconductor particles and method of manufacturing same. Philips Electronics N A, Norman N Spain, April 11, 2000: US06048616 (153 worldwide citation)

Doped encapsulated semiconductor nanoparticles of a size (<100 .ANG.) which exhibit quantum effects. The nanoparticles are precipitated and coated with a surfactant by precipitation in an organometallic reaction. The luminescence of the particles may be increased by a further UV curing step.

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A liquid crystalline material in the form of an anisotropic gel comprising a polymerized liquid crystalline material and a low-molecular weight liquid crystalline material, can be used in a display cell, said polymerized material forming a permanently oriented network in the low-molecular weight liq ...

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An epitaxial growth reactor for processing wafers (1) of a semiconductor material by exposing it to a reactive gas flow. A wall (8) positioned at a slight distance from the wafer or group of wafers which is exposed to the reactive gas in a double wall, with a very narrow space (34) between the two w ...

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An efficient illumination system for an image projection apparatus is described, which system comprises a radiation source (20), a concave reflector (21) and a first and a second lens plate (25, 28) each being provided with a matrix of lenses (26, 29) for forming superimposed images of the radiation ...

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An electrophoretic visual display device using an electrophoretic suspension with pigment particles in a dielectric suspending liquid and a dye for contrasting color, all enclosed in a unit comprising a transparent electrode spaced from at least one segmented electrode by an insulating member; a mes ...

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The invention provides a simple method of manufacturing a broadband, switchable cholesteric filter. To this end, a mixture of polymerizable, liquid-crystalline molecules is provided between two, substantially parallel substrates, which are each provided with an electrode. This mixture is subsequentl ...

Manjin J Kim: Method of producing VDMOS device of increased power density. Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Norman N Spain, April 11, 1995: US05405794 (105 worldwide citation)

A vertical double diffused metal-on-semiconductor device is produced by a method involving the formation of horizontally separated bodies of heavily doped Si and sources by a self-aligned process and a lift-off process along with the formation of trenches having negatively-sloped side-walls.