Ronald Corroalles Shattuck: Programmable character display module. Litton Systems, Donald J Ellingsberg, Walter R Thiel, Norman E Brunell, August 24, 1976: US03976906 (9 worldwide citation)

A programmable character display module for the lighted display of changeable indicia, where the display can have particular use in a switch assembly.

Robert Chen, Robert A Hadley: One piece flexible skateboard. Razor USA, Norman E Brunell, April 9, 2013: US08414000 (8 worldwide citation)

A flexible skateboard may include a pair of direction casters mounted for steering rotation on a twistable one piece skateboard with a multi-arm spring return assembly using pivoting stops associated with the wheel fork and non-pivoting stops mounted to the skateboard. Centering spring arrangements ...

Tommy R Savage: Pre-wrapped gift box. Norman E Brunell, December 17, 1996: US05584429 (7 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of forming a pre-wrapped gift package which appears to have been hand wrapped. The method includes forming a sheet of box construction material with decorative paper affixed thereto into a flattened box tube by joining ends thereof. The box construction materi ...

Wally E Rippel: Power connect safety and connection interlock. California Institute of Technology, Norman E Brunell, March 24, 1992: US05099187 (7 worldwide citation)

A power connect safety and connection interlock system is shown for use with inverters and other DC loads (16) which include capacitor filter banks (14) at their DC inputs. A safety circuit (20) operates a spring (26) biased, solenoid (22) driven mechanical connection interference (24) which prevent ...

Siamak Forouhar, Anders G Larsson, Alexander Ksendzov, Robert J Lang: Strained layer InP/InGaAs quantum well laser. California Institute of Technology, Norman E Brunell, October 26, 1993: US05257276 (7 worldwide citation)

Strained layer single or multiple quantum well lasers include an InP substrate, a pair of lattice-matched InGaAsP quarternary layers epitaxially grown on the substrate surrounding a pair of lattice matched In.sub.0.53 Ga.sub.0.47 As ternary layers surrounding one or more strained active layers of ep ...

Ara Chutjian: Gridded electron reversal ionizer. California Institute of Technology, Norman E Brunell, October 26, 1993: US05256874 (6 worldwide citation)

A gridded electron reversal ionizer forms a three dimensional cloud of zero or near-zero energy electrons in a cavity within a filament structure surrounding a central electrode having holes through which the sample gas, at reduced pressure, enters an elongated reversal volume. The resultant negativ ...

Charles C Counselman III, Donald H Steinbrecher: Circularly polarized antenna for satellite positioning systems. Western Geophysical Co, Norman E Brunell, March 3, 1987: US04647942 (6 worldwide citation)

A circularly polarized microwave radio antenna which is constructed so that its phase center can be very easily and very accurately positioned with respect to a marker point over which the antenna is placed is disclosed. The antenna includes a ground plane, antenna elements in a common plane paralle ...

Kerry J Vahala, Michael A Newkirk: Semiconductor laser with photon gain lever. California Institute of Technology, Norman E Brunell, October 8, 1991: US05056100 (4 worldwide citation)

A controllable semiconductor laser system including a plurality of semiconductor regions operated at unequal saturation photon densities to permit optical and/or electrical control of lasing in at least one resonant cavity formed therebetween. A pair of such regions may operate as a controllable las ...

Alphons Gunther, Karl Heinz Pomorin, Hans P Spiess, Georg J Ullrich: Applicator for affixing a membrane to a sensor. Hellige, Norman E Brunell, W R Thiel, January 22, 1980: US04184241 (4 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed for applying a gas permeable membrane to an electrode. A collar is used to hold the membrane on the electrode. The device includes a guide bushing for forcing the collar over the membrane onto the electrode and includes a soft surface for maintaining a constant pressure against ...

David Edis, Bert Poort: Vacuum vice for bowling balls. Jerry Liem, Norman E Brunell, June 3, 1997: US05634749 (3 worldwide citation)

A vacuum vice for holding a bowling ball when drilling holes or engraving the ball includes inner and outer o-rings seals which form inner and outer concentric vacuum chambers that work together to form a seal with a bowling ball having surface imperfections or engraving. The inner vacuum chamber ho ...