Tilman W Stuhlinger: Phased array optical telescope. Talandic Research Corporation, Norman E Brunell, May 12, 1992: US05113284 (13 worldwide citation)

A phased array telescope in which the output field angle of each afocal subtelescope is equal to the arcsin of the product of the magnification and the sine of the input field angle. The resultant subtelescope distortion reduces piston error at the input to the beam combining telescope to increase r ...

David H Simmons, Alfredo A Panelo: DC to DC converter. Litton Systems, Norman E Brunell, W R Thiel, June 19, 1979: US04158881 (12 worldwide citation)

In a DC to DC converter, an improvement for reducing the peak current level through the electronic charging switches including an inductance in series between the junction of the clamping diodes and the junction between the primary side of the transformer and the primary capacitor.

Lennart W Bjork: Method for processing fiberoptic electronic components of electronic vacuum devices. Litton Systems, Norman E Brunell, Walter R Thiel, December 18, 1979: US04179596 (12 worldwide citation)

In the method of manufacturing an electronic vacuum device of the type containing at least one component element comprising a matrix of solid or hollow glass fibers bonded together in a fused matrix, in which device at least one end of said matrix is located within or forms a boundary to a region in ...

Michael L Grubb, Jeffrey D Arena, Michael A Schoen, Bruce M Martin: Collection and delivery of internet ads. LookSmart, Brunell IP PC, Norman E Brunell, May 25, 2010: US07725464 (11 worldwide citation)

Advertisements over a network, such as the Internet, by extracting an index file of suppliers of search result sets for a plurality of keywords and/or an index of ads to be placed. A keyword in a received query may be matched to the suppliers of related search result sets and/or the ads to be placed ...

Tommy R Savage: Pre-wrapped gift package. Norman E Brunell, September 21, 1993: US05245815 (11 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of forming a pre-wrapped gift package which appears to have been hand wrapped. The method includes forming a sheet of box construction material with decorative paper affixed thereto into a box tube by joining ends thereof. The box construction material is prop ...

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A permanent magnet rotor cooling system and method in which the rotor end cap includes an axially extending bore with a plurality of radially extending holes aligned with holes in the sleeve around the permanent magnet to provide cooling air flow to the air gap between the permanent magnet sleeve an ...

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A novel structure in a coaxial to waveguide transmission line transition includes a waveguide section having longitudinally extending ridges on two opposed walls; a metal impedance transition member extending from one wall of the waveguide having a geometry within the waveguide of three right cylind ...

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An ultrasonic circulating air brush scrubber with a supply of scrubbing liquid in finely dispersed form in the intake air stream, and a high-voltage ionizer, includes at least one circular brush downstream of the ionizer. The brush is driven at high speed and is at the opposite potential from the io ...

Ted W Lewis: Lubricated blade pivot for folding knives. Norman E Brunell, December 10, 1996: US05581888 (10 worldwide citation)

A folding knife includes a lubricated barrel pivot removably mounted in the handle. An oil reservoir within the barrel communicates with the bearing surface by means of an oil wick in a bore. The barrel may be mounted in the handle by engaging male threads at one end of the barrel into female thread ...

Joshua K Hoyt, Albert M Bradley: Untethered oceanographic sensor platform. Norman E Brunell, October 18, 1988: US04777819 (9 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for making depth related measurements from an untethered, gravity driven oceanographic platform. The platform is a smooth streamlined, torpedo shaped body releasably carrying ballast in its nose and covered with syntactic foam for buoyancy. At the appropriate depth, the ballast ...