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Low energy, ultra-short (femptosecond) pulsed laser radiation is applied to the patient's eye in one of a number of patterns such that the exposed ocular tissue is ablated or excised through the process of optical breakdown or photodisruption in a very controlled fashion. The process can be gen ...

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A display and dispensing rack having a pair of front-to-back slidingly interfitted trays with product pusher which travels front-to-back over both trays.

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A waste container contains at the bottom, a panel fastened on a base forming between them a tube having one end blocked and the other end open. A slot in the panel extends the length of the tube and has an open end beyond the open end of the tube. Finger grips in the panel beyond the open end of the ...

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A self centering and drilling wall anchor having an outwardly threaded cylindrical body with a flanged proximal end and a cutting distal end. The distal end has a pointed tip at the long axis of said anchor and is formed with a flute extending from the pointed tip to and communicating with a through ...

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A tamper indicating, child proof, container cap designed for easy manipulation by arthritic fingers of a user includes an annular tear strip and a rotatably indexing latch finger on the cap which engages a raised annular retainer ridge with bypass opening on the neck of the container. A tactile indi ...

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An improved method of recovering recyclable materials from commingled recyclables is described as well as apparatuses for doing same. Ferrous materials recovery is achieved using the unique combination of a magnetic belt and a vibratory conveyor. Other materials are then separated with a light/heavy ...

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A key actuated lock is mounted within a protective enclosure which has a double hinged panel cover that projects into a slot between the bottom panel of the protective enclosure and the bottom of the lock mounted within the protective enclosure when the double hinged panel cover is closed. Both the ...

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A serrated thrust element inserted between serrated portions of handles of a clip, forces the jaws of the clip closed by a single unidirectional movement toward the pivot of the clip between the handles and the jaws. The clip may be hung by the thrust element without affecting the jaw spacing.

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A method and apparatus for improving heating system efficiency. An electronic circuit senses a firing signal from a boiler energy value sensor such as a thermostat or pressuretrol. The circuit prevents the boiler energy value sensor from firing the burner, while the circuit senses an energy value of ...

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A piscicide formulation is combined with fish feed and a target species attractant to form poison oral bait pellets. The pellets are formed to a size and located in the aqueous environment of a fish population in a manner effective in selectively exterminating the target species by ingestion and not ...