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An intraluminal retrieval device includes an outer catheter insertable by its distal end region into an artery or other body lumen that contains an unwanted object. The catheter supports two spaced apart expandable balloons, and is alignable to position the balloons on opposite sides of the object, ...

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A method and apparatus for evaluating physiological and behavioral functioning of predetermined regions of interest of the human brain by displaying topographical maps of measured information. Brain electrical activity and/or predetermined physical parameters are measured in association with selecte ...

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An intelligent material unit formed of an intelligent gel encapsulated within an enclosure. When the gel is actuated by a change in temperature thereof, such as heat and/or by an externally applied field such as an electrical current, electric field, magnetic field, ultrasonic energy (or sonic), mic ...

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The inventive cellular telephone includes a telephone for transmitting outgoing telephone call signals and receiving incoming telephone call signals and a transmitter for producing a wireless control signal to operate a remote device. The remote device may be a remote keyless entry system, a garage ...

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A method and apparatus for spraying powder material from a plurality of nozzles. A powder material feed control section and a manifold section provide a uniform flow rate and uniform density pattern for a powder material feed stream sprayed from a plurality of nozzles.

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The invention provides, inter alia, front ends to a database search engine or engines, that process a user query to generate a new search request that will more effectively retrieve information from the database that is relevant to the query of the user. To this end, in one embodiment the systems ca ...

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A mounting device for securing an appliance such as a flat screen television to a support including a base that is mounted to the support and a frame that is adapted to releasably secure the appliance. The base and frame are connected together by arms which are rotatably connected to the frame and b ...

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An torch having a configuration for having a plurality of self sustaining positions is disclosed. Specifically, the present invention discloses a flexible torch sleeve including a plurality of pivotable elements in combination with a torch tip that reduces or eliminates thermal conductivity by the p ...

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The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for securely retaining a small battery or electric cell on a printed circuit board, and for providing electrical contacts which engage the battery for use in an electronic circuit. The present invention provides an improved mechanical attachmen ...

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A passive garage door opener system includes a sensor for determining the position of the vehicle relative to the receiver. When the vehicle is within a predetermined area near the receiver, the transmitter sends the signal to open the garage door. Other conditions of the vehicle, such as speed and ...