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A collapsible medical device and associated method for occluding an abnormal opening in, for example, a body organ, wherein the medical device is shaped from a shape memory metal fabric. The device may be used, for example, to non-surgically treat a patient having a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) and re ...

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An electrosurgical coagulation instrument specifically designed to be insertable through a cannula for use in coagulating tissue during a laparoscopic or other scope-type procedure. The instrument has both bipolar forceps jaw paddles and bipolar needle electrodes. The needle electrodes are selective ...

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Hemodynamic performance of the heart as a pump is optimized by using an accelerometer and signal processing circuitry to measure total acoustic noise (TAN) over predetermined time periods when a pacemaker is made to function in a variety of modes. By detecting the particular mode associated with min ...

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A sling for supporting the urethra and neck of the bladder to prevent urinary incontinence is disclosed. The sling is designed to provide sufficient support to inhibit the unintended flow of urine, yet stretch in a controlled fashion so that the bladder can be voided at approximate times.

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A recording and ablation catheter method and system for creating linear lesions in an atrial or other chamber of a heart is disclosed which includes an array of readily controlled electroded arcuate distal working catheter shapes that are easily deployed to contact the inner wall surface of the righ ...

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A method and apparatus for performing impedance plethysmography on a living heart for diagnostic and therapy purposes involves placement of plural leads where at least one is disposed within a coronary vein traversing the myocardium on the left side of the heart with another lead having plural elect ...

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A cutting coagulating bipolar electrosurgical forceps having a pair of jaws that can be moved from an opened to a closed disposition on tissue when grasping and coagulating. The jaws include a plurality of notched or opposed side edges thereof which define a plurality of tabs. The tabs on the first ...