Dana F Turley: Intraocular lens providing accomodation. Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, January 9, 1990: US04892543 (220 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens that provides accommodation in direct response to contraction and relaxation of the ciliary body. The lens includes a first component having fixed refractive power and a second component having varying refractive power, the components being relatively movable towards each other a ...

Michael W Cox, Richard I Levin, David J Cohen, William R Frisbie: Cardiac signal real time monitor and method of analysis. Q Med, Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, July 7, 1987: US04679144 (206 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for monitoring EKG information includes a programmable apparatus carried by an ambulatory patient for performing continuous, real-time analyses of EKG information derived from the patient. The apparatus facilitates the determination of the existence of various conditions based on these ...

Gunnar Johansson: Instrument for measuring the topography of a surface. Anders Bengtsson, Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, August 16, 1988: US04764016 (131 worldwide citation)

An instrument for measuring the topography of a surface, comprising a light transmitting device for transmitting a light beam onto the surface; a light receiving device for receiving light reflected by the surface; a detector for detecting the position of the received light relative to the optical a ...

Kenneth W Misevich: Athletic shoes for sports-oriented activities. Colgate Palmolive Company, Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, July 8, 1986: US04598487 (100 worldwide citation)

An athletic shoe wherein outward expansion of one or more portions of the shoe's foamed, closed cell polymeric midsole is constrained to increase the amount of energy absorbed by the midsole under a wearer-applied load. Various embodiments of this invention provide for the precompression of the cons ...

Jack Slater: Panel structure and building structure made therefrom. Cano International, Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, February 10, 1987: US04641468 (99 worldwide citation)

Building panel structures and methods for erecting buildings are described which utilize structural foam combined in a unique fashion with rigid framing members to provide low cost, energy efficient modular building structures which can be quickly and easily erected.

Robert E Statz, Wayne A Treichel: Cup holder. Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, August 19, 1986: US04606523 (72 worldwide citation)

A molded plastic cup holder has a hollow generally cylindrical socket for receiving the lower portion of a relatively large drinking cup and a supporting hook adapted to engage over a rail or an automobile door. On the shank of the hook, above the socket, are a pair of forwardly extending springy ar ...

Bengt Henoch: Device for transmitting electric energy to computers and data nets. Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, January 17, 1989: US04798990 (64 worldwide citation)

A device for transmitting electric energy to electric equipment, primarily computers and data nets, which device is intended to be connected between a voltage source and the electric equipment. The invention is characterized in that it is provided with a generator (30,31) comprising a piezo-electric ...

Harry J Coles, Richard Simon: Liquid crystal information storage device. The Victoria University of Manchester, Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, October 27, 1987: US04702558 (63 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal information storage device comprising a layer of material containing a side chain polymeric liquid crystal. At least a part of the material is heated from a viscous state above its glass transition temperature, to a fluid region in which the liquid crystalline material can readily u ...

Marston Jones: Calibrated spring module. Nies Webner Kurz & Bergert, January 3, 1989: US04795342 (55 worldwide citation)

An orthodontic device for use in applying a constant calibrated force to certain teeth or groups of teeth so as to cause the teeth to change position within the mouth over a period of time. The device includes a spring module having a telescope mechanism with inner plunger portion and outer tube por ...

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A method for measuring the distance between a first object, which incorporates a transmitter-receiver unit, and a second object, which incorporates a transponder. In accordance with the invention there is transmitted from the transmitter-receiver unit (19) a first microwave signal (S1), which is rec ...