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A self-contained, implantable device for controlling passage of material through internal body conduits, and in particular to control the material passage through a closure point commonly referred to as a sphincter, such as flow through the urethra from the bladder, movement through the bowel, or fl ...

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The present invention teaches a method of conducting retail and Internet business including making and delivering a custom article of footwear. The article of footwear taught in the present invention includes a spring element that can provide improved cushioning, stability, and running economy. Unli ...

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A capacitance type differential pressure sensor which includes isolation diaphragms and incompressible fluid filling so that the sensing element does not have to be exposed to hostile fluids for pressure sensing and which isolation diaphragms are arranged in a manner to minimize sensitivity to accel ...

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The present invention relates to coordinate measuring machines which are used for determining the location of a point in the X, Y and Z axes in order to permit inspection, checking, or performing other operations on work pieces. The measuring machine includes a probe for engaging the work piece and ...

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Containers and an apparatus for sensing containers such as beverage cans, which cans include means for identifying the beverage cans on which a return payment is to be made. The containers on which a deposit is made will be identified in a particular way to indicate that upon return a return payment ...

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A feed control grate to control the engagement of waste paper with a grinding cylinder in a tub type waste paper grinder, which can be raised to lift the paper away from the cylinder during start up or when excessive loads are encountered.


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A smart probe system for an aircraft receives an input from a heated total air temperature sensor. When on the ground, the heater for the total air temperature probe is cycled so that when a preselected temperature is indicated by the temperature sensing element in the total air temperature probe, t ...

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A heat or cold storage system utilizing a plurality of channels dug directly into the earth and filled with rocks which are used to absorb heat or cold for storage, a part of such storage being the rocks themselves and a (usually much larger) part being the adjacent earth. Conduit connections are pr ...

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A humidifier system where atomized water is caused to be rapidly evaporated as a result of being strategically located in the path of high velocity turbulent air created by converging deflector vane sets, and delivered to an outlet duct end for further distribution. An alternative embodiment illustr ...