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Vegetable protein source materials are dispersed in water at a pH in the range of 2 to 6 and an acid phytase is included therein. The acidic extract containing soluble protein is separated and dried to yield a solid protein of desirable character. A protease can also be used to improve the character ...

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A method and article for the cosmetic restoration of anterior teeth is provided whereby a glazed porcelain labial veneer is custom-made for a patient's tooth and thereafter chemically and mechanically bonded to such tooth, so as to provide a healthful and long-lasting cosmetic restoration of desired ...

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A battering charging system is controlled by a microprocessor to charge and discharge batteries while periodically effecting monitoring and control operations in which battery current data are registered to accumulate capacity data in a memory and to thereafter display such data which includes both ...

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Automatic meter readers are arranged for connection to customers' telephone lines and for automatic dialing for transmission of meter data to a computer of a utility control center, communications being effected through a call collection module which includes a plurality of call collection units con ...

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A foot pedal mechanical linkage system is provided in a hydraulic stretcher used for transporting patients. Two hydraulic jacks are mounted on the stretcher's carriage at opposite ends of the stretcher, and they vertically adjust the stretcher's litter on which a patient rests. A first foot pedal as ...

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A system is provided for increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines operating at high loads and more particularly to a multi-cylinder engine in which at least one cylinder is used as the power recovery device. The waste heat generated during operation of the engine is utilized for prod ...

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A device is provided for use in releasably securing a vehicle against a loading dock during loading and unloading of the vehicle. The device comprises a hingedly mounted vehicle-engaging member located adjacent a front wall of the dock and beneath the plane of the dock loading surface. A handle is p ...

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A system for use in a loading dock facility includes a control unit which checks the condition of input terminals connected to control switch, locking device, overhead door and/or leveler condition sensors and which develops signals on output terminals connected to signal lights, a vehicle locking d ...

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Combustion chamber defining components such as cylinder liners in internal combustion engines are composed of a plurality of metal oxides which combine to impart good wear resistance and thermally insulative characteristics.