Thomas E Whittle: Anaerobic wastewater treatment system. Commonwealth Engineering & Technology, Neuman Williams Anderson & Olson, December 30, 1986: US04632758 (47 worldwide citation)

An anaerobic apparatus for treating wastewater is disclosed. The treating apparatus comprises a reactor housing a media having a plurality of surfaces for receiving bacteria. The wastewater that is to be treated, is introduced into the bottom of the reactor and forced up over the surfaces of the med ...

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A vehicle restraint is provided with a releasable locking device for securing a parked vehicle adjacent a structure such as a loading dock. The device includes a first unit mounted adjacent to an upright surface of the structure and projecting outwardly therefrom. A second unit is mounted on the out ...

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The invention consists of a protective sleeve that fits around and protects a paper cup used in the preparation of various confectionary drinks such as malted milk and ice cream shakes. The sleeve is a hollow, tapered cylinder having a substantially smooth inner surface that contacts the paper cup o ...


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A system for controlling registration in a Printing press between the moving web having repetitive print patterns and a work station operated cyclically in synchronization with the press. The system includes a photoelectric scanner having a variable sensitivity, a position pulse generator with a bac ...

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A multi-terminal rotary connector assembly including a plug having a generally circular mating end with contacts thereabout. A receptacle has a generally circular opening with contacts therein for receiving and mating with said plug to engage the contacts thereof. The receptacle includes an axially ...

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A bracket assembly such as is used for hanging office furnishing components on vertical supports, e.g., slotted posts of office partition systems, includes a mounting bracket with a plurality of aligned, coplanar hooks for engagement with aligned slots of such supports and an interlock member pivota ...

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A threaded coupling in which the connecting threads are carried on a replaceable sleeve which snap locks onto the end of the primary member such that the thread unit may easily be assembled on or removed from the primary member and replaced when worn or damaged.

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A movable wall assembly is provided to selectively partition an interior space. The assembly includes a base member having support elements therealong, and a leveling support bar on which the partition is assembled overlying the support elements and adjustable with the support elements to effect lev ...

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A functional and attractive garment is provided for convalescents who are confined to wheelchairs and secured therein for safety reasons by a restraining device, and those convalescents which have limited walking ability but must use a wheelchair periodically. The garment features slits at either si ...