Frederick Dimmick: Display sign. Frederick Dimmick, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, September 29, 1992: US05151679 (177 worldwide citation)

A sign comprising at least one light pipe, each light pipe made of light-transmitting material, said at least one light pipe arranged to form a predetermined message or design, each light pipe having at least two ends and carrying at least one light source proximate at least one end, each light sour ...

Rudolf Edgar Falk, Samuel S Asculai: Compositions comprising hyaluronic acid and drugs. Hyal Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Ivor M Hughes, Neil H Hughes, Marcelo K Sarkis, November 16, 1999: US05985850 (70 worldwide citation)

A dosage amount of a pharmaceutical composition comprising a therapeutically effective amount of an agent to treat a disease or condition involving underperfused tissue and pathological tissue in humans and a form of hyaluronic acid, wherein the form of hyaluronic acid is available to transport the ...

Nicholas Liptay Wagner, Geoffrey Cunliffe: System and components useful in landing airborne craft. Indal Technologies, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, November 18, 1997: US05687930 (64 worldwide citation)

An improved system is provided suitable for use in landing an aircraft (for example, helicopter, RPV, VTOL) on shipboard comprising a support, base, platform or housing, reciprocal from remote a landing area on the deck of a ship to a position proximate the landing area, the housing carrying an upwa ...

Bernard Charles Sherman: Solid pharmaceutical compositions comprising a cyclosporin and an anionic surfactant. Bernard Charles Sherman, Ivor M Hughes, Neil H Hughes, Marcelo K Sarkis, March 6, 2001: US06197335 (58 worldwide citation)

A solid pharmaceutical composition for oral administration comprising a cyclosporin and an anionic surfactant, preferably sodium lauryl sulfate, wherein the amount of anionic surfactant is at least about forty percent of the minimum amount needed to dissolve the cyclosporin in water.

R Anthony Burgess, Geoffrey Cunliffe, Atef Tadros: Apparatus for capturing, securing and traversing remotely piloted vehicles and methods therefor. Indal Technologies, Ivor M Hughes, Neil H Hughes, August 13, 1991: US05039034 (55 worldwide citation)

An RPV, comprising means for engaging a snag line carried as part of a securing system which "snags" means (for example hook) on an RPV and assists the RPV to a safe landing, the snag line extending from a winch unit proximate the proposed landing area of the RPV to a position on the ship to which i ...

Silvano Breda: Modular valve assembly. Ameri Can Brass Faucet, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, December 25, 1990: US04979530 (54 worldwide citation)

A valve housing is claimed which provides for diversion of fluid flow into a valve cartridge from a selected inlet through a selected outlet to the valve cartridge. An opening is provided in the housing in which the cartridge is located. The housing also has diverting mechanisms disposed between the ...

Gad Shaanan: Cam action connector for joining furniture panels. Indal Furniture Systems A Division of Indal, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, October 20, 1992: US05155960 (50 worldwide citation)

For use in a panel locking system a connecting means (or connector) comprising a pin having two ends and having disposed proximate one end a first laterally or radially extending appendage and proximate the second end a laterally or radially extending second appendage, said appendages extending late ...



David Carswell: Door check having a link coated with moldable materials. Multimatic, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, December 29, 1992: US05173991 (39 worldwide citation)

A checking mechanism for a closure member and a frame, the closure member moveable in relation to the frame, the checking mechanism comprising a housing affixed to the closure member or the frame and having an opening therewith; a link member having a core and having two sides, the link member being ...