Alexander Vladimirovich Reztzov, Evgeniy Alekseevich Karpov: Ligating clip applier. MGF Group, Neal O Willmann, June 23, 1998: US05769857 (88 worldwide citation)

This document discloses a ligating clip applier which initially closes and locks a pair of complementary jaws around tissue to be ligated allowing the isolation of tissue for inspection, with the option to reposition, to ensure appropriate ligation. Upon further activation, a U-shaped clip having a ...

Stephen G Hauser: Specimen holder. Abbott Laboratories, Neal O Willmann, July 3, 1979: US04159875 (58 worldwide citation)

A slide holder is disclosed which is suitable for use in an automated differential blood cell classifier. The molded plastic holder provides a readily identifiable, stackable, and nestable device for protectively handling, positioning, and transporting a specimen such as a film of blood to be analyz ...

Jerry Wayne Messer: Weapon rest. Neal O Willmann, June 22, 1999: US05913668 (55 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a weapon rest which is characterized by its simplicity and stability. It comprises a base, a shaft, a cradle movably attached to the shaft and a tensioning means situated between the cradle and the shaft. This tensioning means imparts unparalleled stability to the cradled ...

Joseph J Difiglio, Richard W George: Multiple bead dispenser for diagnostic assay. Abbott Laboratories, Neal O Willmann, Robert L Niblack, July 18, 1978: US04101284 (48 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an apparatus which is useful for dispensing simultaneously a plurality of beads into any multi-well container suitable for the performance of diagnostic assays.

Daniel M Allen: Camp shoe. Neal O Willmann, October 9, 2001: US06298583 (45 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a camp shoe that is similar in most aspects to a typical shoe. However, to make it easy to pack and tote in a knapsack, for example, this shoe has construction features that permit it to be folded flat to conform with sole of the shoe and, therefore, be easily tucked in an ...

Robert J Aumann, David R Brahm: Portable laparoscopic trainer. 3 D Technical Services, Neal O Willmann, December 9, 2003: US06659776 (38 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a portable device designed to be used for the training and practice of video-laparoscopic surgical techniques. The device permits practicing surgical techniques that closely simulate actual surgical situations by capturing the surgical work area on a self-contained video camera o ...

Robert Paul Lieb, James Roberts Obenshain: Bi-modal seed port for bird feeder. Cedar Works, Neal O Willmann, June 25, 2002: US06408788 (36 worldwide citation)

A seed port, intended to permit dispensing large and small seeds from the same feeder, can be used with a bird feeder having a columnar reservoir for the containment of bird seed wherein the seed port has a platform with an opening that attaches to the reservoir in alignment with an opening in the r ...

James Roberts Obenshain: Convertible seed port for bird feeder. Cedar Works, Neal O Willmann, March 8, 2005: US06863024 (32 worldwide citation)

A seed port offering the option of selectively dispensing only small seeds from a reservoir-type bird feeder, comprises a carriage supporting a framing flange corresponding to the opening in the reservoir, a removable baffle to limit the flow of seeds from the reservoir, and a disk member that is op ...

Robert J Ramundo: Lap tray workstation. Neal O Willmann, May 22, 2001: US06234085 (27 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a portable lap-top workstation that is expandable to span the distance of an individual's lap to provide a comfortable, flat surface area designed to accommodate a lap-top computer and a variety of small computer related accessories.

Ferdinand Joseph Richter: Iodophor soap tissues. American Cyanamid Company, Neal O Willmann, Samuel Branch Walker, August 30, 1977: US04045364 (25 worldwide citation)

A disposable paper with a slightly abrasive surface impregnated with an iodophor and detergent is an excellent germicidal pre-wash in the surgical scrub routine or in any situation where it is important to impede the growth of microorganisms. By using substantially dry impregnated papers the product ...

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