Nelson Darin, Drori Arik, Grinvald Amiram: Erythrocyte movement imaging and analysis. Yeda Research And Development, Nelson Darin, Drori Arik, Grinvald Amiram, NATOLI Anthony J, November 16, 2006: WO/2006/121984 (24 worldwide citation)

Apparatus (2) is provided, including a heartbeat measurement device (3) , which senses a cardiac parameter of a patient and generates a cardiac parameter signal responsively thereto. An optical measurement device acquires data by emitting towards tissue of the patient 400- 1000 niti light, and recei ...

Dasgupta Shivaji N: Continuous reservoir monitoring for fluid pathways using 3d microseismic data. Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Dasgupta Shivaji N, NATOLI Anthony J, May 18, 2007: WO/2007/056278 (4 worldwide citation)

A system and method monitor a hydrocarbon reservoir for drainage in volumetric three dimensions. Monitoring between wells is imperative for optimum reservoir management and is achieved by mapping the hydrocarbon fluid pathways in a producing reservoir. Unlike conventional 4D or time-lapse reflection ...

Gottstein David R: Computerized system and method for optimizing after-tax proceeds involving options. Dynamic Research Group, NATOLI Anthony J, August 24, 2000: WO/2000/049516

A computerized system and method process financial securities and instruments, including options, derivatives, and bonds, to accurately determine and optimize the after-tax proceeds at the end of a holding period for each of a set of investment strategies and determines an optimal strategy (212) for ...

Inoue Izumi, Poindexter Michael J, Oh Sang Hoon: Hanging latch hook mechanism for telephones. Coby Electronics Corporation, NATOLI Anthony J, May 25, 2000: WO/2000/030326

An apparatus sets a telephone (10) to an on-hook state. The telephone (10) has a base (14) with at least one cavity (24) forming a cradle for a handset (12). The telephone (10) also has a handset (12) with an operative surface (26) including a mouthpiece microphone and an earpiece speaker. A first s ...

Al Misfer Adel S: Measurement of molten sulfur level in receptacles. Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Aramco Services Company, Al Misfer Adel S, NATOLI Anthony J, October 21, 2004: WO/2004/090491

A portable temperature sensing probe (10) having a plurality of thermocouples (18) is inserted into a tank (16) mounted on a truck or other receptacle at the time of loading a hot liquid, e.g., molten sulfur (14). The probe and at least a portion of the associated wiring or leads are attached to the ...

Al Ali Mustafa Naser: Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Aramco Services Company, Al Ali Mustafa Naser, NATOLI Anthony J, November 4, 2004: WO/2004/095070

P-wave velocity in a near-surface region of a land area is estimated from a combination of seismic data based upon waves in the near-surface region generated in response to a shock in each of a plurality of upholes drilled in the land area and vibrator dynamic data generated in the near-surface regi ...

Bauer Edward: Cell phone holster subsidiary strap and holder. Bauer Edward, NATOLI Anthony J, May 6, 2004: WO/2004/037710

A holder (30) for retainings articles having a strap (40) with a pair of apertures (34), (63), with a strip (38) positioned between the apertures.

Wu Joe J: System and method for facilitating business in a computer network. Specialty Merchandise Corporation, NATOLI Anthony J, February 28, 2002: WO/2002/017199

In a business model for a computer network, a single distributor establishes and maintains one or more main databases of products, creates and subsequently services and maintains a commerce site that can interact with the database for each of multiple vendors. While there is a database associated wi ...

Jaquish Paul E, Nguyen Viet A, Webster Mark K: (nmec) System and method. Internet Plus, NATOLI Anthony J, August 31, 2000: WO/2000/050968

A system and method to conduct electronic commerce not necessarily over the Internet has a plurality of individual consumers, network groups of consumers, and a server (Fig. 1) (22, 34). The consumers receive a distributed computer-readable medium having: a pre-stored interactive database of product ...

Aerts Eric T, Ono Keiko, Kemp Dieter Paul, Kato Hiroyoshi: Liquid-filled non-flammable brassiere pad. G22 Altesse, NATOLI Anthony J, November 16, 2000: WO/2000/067599

A brassiere pad (10) is used in a cup (14) of a brassiere (12), with the brassiere pad (10) retaining a non-flammable liquid (20) and positioned within the cup (14) for enhancing the appearance of the breast. The non-flammable liquid (20) includes a humectant and a glycerine-based fluid, and the bra ...

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