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A method for determining the presence of a ligand in a liquid medium which utilizes enzyme labeled avidin and biotin labeled reagent in a specific binding process wherein the ligand to be detected is contacted with an insoluble phase containing specific binding substance for the ligand. Various prot ...

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An immunoadsorbent material comprising inactivated, protein-A bearing Staphlococcus aureus immobilized in a polymeric matrix is used to remove IgG immunoglobulins and immune complexes from whole blood.

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A method for the determination of autoantibody in a test sample comprises contacting a substrate for the autoantibody with sample; treating the contacted substrate with labeled antihuman antibody selected from (1) a mixture comprising enzyme labeled antihuman antibody and fluorescent labeled antihum ...

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Erythrocytes are coated with specific hemagglutinating virus antigen and then treated to produce a stabilized, antigen coated erythrocyte preparation which is used in the determination of antibody in biological fluids.

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Novel 1-[.beta.-(R-thio)phenethyl]-imidazoles and the corresponding 1-[.beta.-(R-sulfinyl)phenethyl]imidazoles and 1-[.beta.-(R-sulfonyl)phenethyl]imidazoles wherein R is alkyl, alkenyl, aralkenyl, substituted aralkenyl, alkynyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkyl alkyl, aralkyl, substituted aralkyl, aryl or su ...

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A watch pocket for mounting on a belt includes a pair of pliable sheets shaped and secured together to form an upwardly opening pocket and a transverse belt receiving loop behind the pocket with a pair of vertical relief slits formed in the wall between the pocket and loop to provide relief of press ...

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3-[3-(1-Methyltetrazol-5-ylthio)-prop-1-(t)-enyl]-7.beta.-(.alpha.-substitu ted acetamido)-ceph-3-em-4-carboxylic acid; 7.beta.-(.alpha.-substituted acetamido)-3-[3-(1,2,4-triazol-5-ylthio)-prop-1-(t)-enyl]-ceph-3-em-4-carb oxylic acid derivatives and salts thereof; and ester intermediates and proce ...

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Addition of a low concentration of an alkali metal metabisulfite completely stops color development in a peroxidase-labeled immunoassay wherein the peroxidase catalyzed reaction comprises oxidation of an achromatic substrate to the corresponding chromatic product in the presence of a peroxide.

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Assay reagents for the determination of enzymes such as .alpha.-amylase, .alpha.-glucosidase, .beta.-glucosidase, and acid and alkaline phosphatases are described. The reagents comprise a substrate capable of releasing the chromophore p-nitrophenol at a rate proportional to the amount of enzyme bein ...

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3-[3-(1-Methyltetrazol-5-ylthio)-prop-1-(t)-enyl]-7.beta.-(.alpha.-phenylac etamido)-ceph-3-em-4-carboxylic acid; 7.beta.-(.alpha.-phenylacetamido)-3-[3-(1,2,4-triazol-5-ylthio)-prop-1-(t) -enyl]-ceph-3-em-4-carboxylic acid derivatives and salts thereof; and intermediates and processes for preparing ...