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A method of well treatment includes establishing fluid connectivity between a wellbore and at least one target zone for treatment within a subterranean formation. The method includes injecting a treatment composition into the wellbore. The method includes contacting a subterranean formation with the ...

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A technique for subsea intervention operations enables pressure control to be accomplished at the surface while borehole fluid control is exercised at the seabed. A compliant guide extends between a subsea well installation and a surface location, such as a surface intervention vessel. A buffer flui ...

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A configurable hydraulic system facilitates a variety of oilfield cementing and other oilfield or related applications. The system employs a plurality of prime movers to drive a plurality of loads. The plurality of prime movers and loads are coupled with a configurable hydraulic system that maintain ...

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A shaped charge comprises a shell, an explosive charge disposed inside the shell, and a first liner for retaining the explosive charge within the shell. The shaped charge further comprises an acid material disposed inside the shell on the first liner and retained by a second liner into the shell.

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A data archival system for the automated archiving of data files. The data archival system includes a central processing hub for receiving the data files, a data archival facility connected to the central processing hub; and an archival manager which is configured to cause the transmission of the da ...

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A system for passing an electromagnetic signal through a casing comprises a tool body that can be positioned inside the casing; means for magnetically saturating the casing in the vicinity of the tool; a transmitter for transmitting an electromagnetic signal from the tool antenna to the outside of t ...

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A technique provides an electric submersible pumping system to facilitate a well treatment, such as a hydraulic fracturing well treatment. The electric submersible pumping system is positioned downhole and oriented to intake a fluid delivered downhole for use in the well treatment. Once the fluid is ...

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A hydraulic fracture design model that simulates the complex physical process of fracture propagation in the earth driven by the injected fluid through a wellbore. An objective in the model is to adhere with the laws of physics governing the surface deformation of the created fracture subjected to t ...

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A system for drilling a lateral hole departing from a main well. The system comprises a motor assembly (415) including a motor (412) to generate a rotating torque, an axial thruster (411) to generate an axial force, a blocking system (410) to fix the motor and the axial thruster downhole. The motor ...

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A subsurface formation monitoring system comprises a conductive piping positioned within a borehole extending into the formation, a surface installed power and communication module, a downhole installed conductive casing or tubing sub comprising sensor(s) mounted on the sub, a data communication mod ...