Tarran Jones
Tarran Jones, David G Williams: Humanized anti-CD22 antibodies and their use in treatment of oncology, transplantation and autoimmune disease. MedImmune, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, March 4, 2014: US08664363

Provided herein are chimeric and humanized versions of anti-CD22 mouse monoclonal antibody, HB22.7, which comprise human or humanized framework regions of the immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region (“VH”) and light chain variable region (“VK”). The FW regions may contain one or more backmutation ...

Nikolaos P Papanikolopoulos, Donald G Krantz, Richard M Voyles, John A Bushey, Alan N Johnson, Bradley J Nelson, Paul E Rybski, Kathleen A Griggs, Ellison C Urban II: Miniature robotic vehicles and methods of controlling same. Regents of the University of Minnesota, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, April 15, 2003: US06548982 (231 worldwide citation)

A robotic vehicle capable of traveling over various terrain and traversing obstacles. In one embodiment, the vehicle includes a cylindrical body having two or more drive wheels coupled to the ends thereof. The wheels are selectively powered to propel the vehicle. The vehicle may further include a sp ...

Brian A Vaartstra: Supercritical etching compositions and method of using same. Micron Technology, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, November 21, 2000: US06149828 (221 worldwide citation)

A supercritical etching composition and method for etching an inorganic material of a semiconductor-based substrate are provided. The method includes providing a semiconductor-based substrate having an exposed inorganic material and exposing the substrate to the supercritical etching composition, wh ...

Ofer Dor, Amir Loshakove, Oren Globerman, Mordechay Beyar, Rafael Beyar: Radiopaque stent markers. Medtronic, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, January 1, 2002: US06334871 (186 worldwide citation)

Stents which are inserted into a body lumen preferably are made of materials which are not radiopaque enough, such as stainless steel 316L. X-ray visualization of a stent enables an accurate positioning of the stent and also a follow-up of its functioning within the patient's body. The radiopaq ...

Kie Y Ahn, Leonard Forbes: Formation of metal oxide gate dielectric. Micron Technology, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, December 17, 2002: US06495436 (181 worldwide citation)

Formation of a gate dielectric includes forming a metal oxide on at least a portion of the surface of the substrate assembly by electron beam evaporation. An ion beam is generated using an inert gas to provide inert gas ions for compacting the metal oxide during formation thereof.

Gurtej S Sandhu, Donald L Westmoreland: Plasmaless dry contact cleaning method using interhalogen compounds. Micron Technology, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, March 30, 1999: US05888906 (149 worldwide citation)

A method of removing an oxide layer from an article. The article is located in a reaction chamber. An interhalogen compound reactive with the oxide layer is introduced into the reaction chamber. The interhalogen compound forms volatile by-product gases upon reaction with the oxide layer. For compoun ...

Brian A Vaartstra: Systems and methods of forming refractory metal nitride layers using disilazanes. Micron Technology, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, October 17, 2006: US07122464 (139 worldwide citation)

A method of forming (and apparatus for forming) refractory metal nitride layers (including silicon nitride layers), such as a tantalum (silicon) nitride barrier layer, on a substrate by using a vapor deposition process with a refractory metal precursor compound, a disilazane, and an optional silicon ...

Terry L Gilton, David A Korn: Oxide etch and method of etching. Micron Technology, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, May 16, 2000: US06063712 (129 worldwide citation)

An oxide etchant and method of etching are provided. The etchant includes at least one fluorine-containing compound and at least one auxiliary component selected from the group of a boron-containing compound and a phosphorus-containing compound.

Brian A Vaartstra, Timothy A Quick: Systems and method for forming silicon oxide layers. Micron Technology, Mueting Raasch & Gebhardt P A, October 3, 2006: US07115528 (125 worldwide citation)

A method of forming (and apparatus for forming) a metal oxide layer, preferably a dielectric layer, on a substrate, particularly a semiconductor substrate or substrate assembly, using a vapor deposition process and ozone with one or more metal organo-amine precursor compounds.