Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja, David P Gurney: System and method for maintaining a backup radio operating parameter list in a secondary use communication system. Motorola, Motorola, September 23, 2010: US20100238798-A1

A radio communication system (100) provides a radio air interface at a master node (102) for subscriber units associated with the master node. Among the subscriber units are several slave nodes (104, 106). The communication system has the ability to operate as a secondary user in unused spectrum por ...

Randy Ekl
Randy L Ekl, Mark A Birchler, Isam R Makhlouf: Method and apparatus for density determinatioin in a wireless communication network. Motorola, Motorola, December 3, 2009: US20090296674-A1

Each node in a wireless communication network adds information in hello messages wherein the information comprises the number of hello messages received at the node from a plurality of nodes. Also, the nodes are configured to determine the node density based on additional information extracted from ...

Randy Ekl
Surender Kumar, Mark A Birchler, Randy L Ekl, Thomas C Hill, Michael D Kotzin, Whay Chiou Lee, Peggy K Matson, Peter J Stanforth: Method and system for incentive-based ad hoc networking. Motorola, Motorola, February 14, 2008: US20080037499-A1

A system (100) and method (300) for mesh/ad hoc participation is provided. The method can include providing (310) an incentive to a user operating a device in an ad hoc network and determining (320) network resources associated with providing the incentive. The method can establish a credit system f ...

Randy Ekl
David P Gurney, Wayne W Chiou, Randy L Ekl, Douglas H Weisman: Method for addressing user location errors in a cognitive radio system. Motorola, Motorola, March 5, 2009: US20090061779-A1

A cognitive radio (CR) system (102) includes CR units (108, 110) that determine and update location-based system operating parameters to avoid interference with other systems operating in the same frequency band. Operational Location Uncertainty region and Allowed Location Error regions can be appli ...

Randy Ekl
Anthony R Metke, Randy L Ekl: Method for intelligent merging of ad hoc network partitions. Motorola, Motorola, April 30, 2009: US20090109870-A1

A method for merging of ad hoc network partitions within an ad hoc network, the method includes forming a plurality of network partitions by forming a security association among each of a group of partitioned nodes. Each network partition includes a Network Identifier. A node operating within one of ...

Jens Nagel
Eugene A Mirkin, Jens Nagel: Apparatus and method for forming compound words. Motorola, May 5, 2005: US20050096085-A1

A method and device for generating meaningful compound words is provided. A user interface (120, 212) is configured to receive data input corresponding to one or more compound words. A processor (206) is configured to identify word combinations of shorter words that may be combined to form a portion ...

Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja, Narayanan Venkitaraman, Mario F Derango, Surender Kumar, Anthony R Metke, Vidya Narayanan: Method and device for transmitting data packets. Motorola, Motorola, July 10, 2008: US20080165786-A1

A method for transmitting a packet from a transmitting node to a destination node in a communication network can enable improved network efficiency. The method includes receiving and storing identification information concerning at least one foreign node that is directly reachable in the communicati ...

Aggelos Katsaggelos
Serhan Uslubas, Aggelos K Katsaggelos, Faisal Ishtiaq, Shih Ta Hsiang, Ehsan Maani: Digital image compression by resolution-adaptive macroblock coding. Motorola, Northwestern University, Motorola, Penny Tomko, January 6, 2011: US20110002391-A1

Disclosed is an image encoder that divides a digital image into a set of “macroblocks.” If appropriate, a macroblock is “downsampled” to a lower resolution. The lower-resolution macroblock is then encoded by applying spatial (and possibly temporal) prediction. The “residual” of the macroblock is cal ...

Ramandeep Ahuja
Ramandeep Ahuja, Surender Kumar, Mark D Seaborn: Selecting a leader node for an ad hoc network based on services. Motorola, Motorola, March 13, 2008: US20080062945-A1

Techniques are provided for forming networks based on services offered or provided by particular leader nodes. Client nodes in the network can select a particular leader node based on a desired service offered or provided by the particular leader node. The client nodes can become a part of a differe ...

Randy Ekl
Stephen L Kuffner, Ramy S Ayoub, John M Belcea, Gregory J Buchwald, Lynn D Dann, Mario F Derango, Lawrence M Ecklund, Randy L Ekl, Michael S Johnson, S David Silk: Communications system for exchanging spectrum sensing measurements through a drop box and method of using same. Motorola, Motorola, October 1, 2009: US20090245119-A1

A communications system and method for exchanging spectrum usage information through a drop box (100) includes one or more central stations (101) that defines a region of operation. A central drop box (102) is associated with the central station (101) for providing a database of spectrum usage infor ...