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An improved fluid catalytic cracking process providing improved product yield and selectivity employs a regenerated hydrocarbon conversion catalyst having improved activity and a low level of residual coke, desirably less than 0.05 wt. % on catalyst, obtained by burning coke from spent catalyst unde ...

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Exhaust gases from internal combustion engines are purified by catalytic treatment. The systems have an initial catalyst, preferably in a separate vessel near the engine, and a subsequently-in-line catalyst. Preferably, the catalysts are of the honeycomb-type. The exhaust gases and an excess of oxyg ...

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A catalyst for the oxidation of alkanes and alkenes consists of oxides of antimony and vanadium which have been calcined and then treated, e.g., by washing with water, to remove a water-extractable component.

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A weighing apparatus that is particularly advantageous for weighing draughts of bulk particulate material utilizes a rapidly, horizontally reciprocating lower gate on a hopper which is actuated when the accumulated load in the hopper reaches the desired weight. The lower gate is opened for at least ...

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Compounds of the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein T is a radical selected from the group consisting of --CH=CH-- and --CH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 --; Z is >C=O, >CH.sub.2, or >CHOR; R is hydrogen, alkyl, aromatic hydrocarbon radicals or acyl; X is hydrogen, --OR or --OR'; R' is benzoxazolyl, benzothiazolyl, or pheny ...

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Hot, stable, solid substrates, e.g. glass, are coated by contact with an electrostatically-charged dispersion of an organic vehicle solution containing thio compounds of gold and silver, and one or more of iron 1,3-beta diketonate, bismuth alcoholate or carboxylate and silicon alcoholate. Preferred ...