John Feola: Method and apparatus for playing a poker-type card game. New Vision Gaming and Development, Morse Altman & Benson, September 9, 1997: US05664781 (129 worldwide citation)

A casino card game that allows players to wager against the casino using the rules of stud poker. A number of stud poker hands are dealt as lines on a playing surface and players wager as to which hand will have the highest stud poker ranking. The playing surface has a dealer position including a li ...

Seann A Gibson, William K Gibson: Enhanced metatree data structure for storage indexing and retrieval of information. 1st Desk Systems, Morse Altman & Benson, April 7, 1998: US05737732 (71 worldwide citation)

Data storage space and access time are significantly decreased by use of an Enhanced MTree data structure, in which data is stored in the nodes of the tree. Two kinds of nodes--predecessor nodes and successor nodes--are coexisting in the data structure and are interrelated by a distribution of point ...

Stephen J Blauer, Charles Blauer, Mark A Mordecai, Richard Satterfield: Breathable shell for outerwear. Blauer Manufacturing Company, Morse Altman & Benson, May 6, 1997: US05626949 (37 worldwide citation)

A shell for outerwear comprising an outer closely woven synthetic fabric, a relatively high-tensile-strength stratum printed on the inner face thereof and covering from 10 to 90% of the surface of the inner face, and fluorocarbon impregnation thereof.

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A vehicle body lowering system for installation in a motor vehicle having a wheeled carriage, a cargo/passenger compartment body, a door in the passenger compartment body for cargo loading and unloading or passenger embarking and debarking, and a spring suspension for the buoyant support of the body ...

Cornelius McDaid: Bicycle lock bracket with splines. Kryptonite Corporation, Morse Altman & Benson, July 15, 1997: US05647520 (25 worldwide citation)

A bicycle lock bracket for use with a lock that has an elongated portion with a free end when the lock is open. The bracket includes at least one spline on the elongated portion and a body fastened to the bicycle frame. The spline is either integral with the elongated portion or is on a collar affix ...

Michael S Zane, Cornelius McDaid: Harness for securing a vehicle. Kryptonite Corporation, Morse Altman & Benson, January 13, 1998: US05706679 (23 worldwide citation)

A harness for securing more than one part of a vehicle to a station comprising a tether and a U-lock. The U-lock includes a tubular body and a solid shackle. The body has a pair of aligned holes in the wall and a locking mechanism. The shackle is a U-shaped, solid rod, where one leg has a bent foot ...

Yong Sheng Chao: Apparatus and method for removing scatter from an x-ray image. Advanced Optical Technologies, Morse Altman & Benson, July 15, 1997: US05648997 (23 worldwide citation)

An apparatus, for producing scatter-free two-dimensional X-ray images and eliminating scattering effects on integrated detector arrays, includes, in physical sequence from front to back, an X-ray source, a front two-dimensional detector positioned behind a subject for detecting both primary and scat ...

Norman J MacDonald III: Relocatable sprinkler assemblage. PNM, Morse Altman & Benson, November 5, 1996: US05570745 (22 worldwide citation)

A relocatable sprinkler assemblage can be safely relocated while pressurized and operational and does not effect the temperature sensitivity of the sprinkler head. The assemblage includes: (a) a rigid fitting communicating with a flexible sprinkler conduit, the fitting having a conduit end and a hea ...

Scott D Brody, Ricky W Selby: Adjustable tie-down stretch cord. Tiger Products, Morse Altman & Benson, November 4, 1997: US05682652 (22 worldwide citation)

An adjustable tie-down stretch cord comprising an elastic rope and a pair of slidably-mounted hooks. The hooks have a cylindrical tubular member and an S-shaped hook member. The tubular member is provided with a specially-shaped bore and flared slot in the wall. The inner bore at a throat end has a ...

Douglas Payne: Level clamp. Morse Altman & Benson, December 10, 1996: US05581900 (21 worldwide citation)

A clamp for temporarily attaching a level to a construction component. One embodiment includes an elongated metal or plastic, inverted U-shaped body with an opening in the center of the top wall that extends down the side walls through which the level bubble is seen, a pair of pivotally-mounted, spr ...