Robert M Abrams, Daniel R Kurz: Sheet metal aneurysm neck bridge. Target Therapeutics, Morrison Foerster L, March 14, 2000: US06036720 (265 worldwide citation)

This is a device for bridging the necks of wide-necked or narrow-necked aneurysms in the vasculature. It is a device which may be used by itself to bridge the neck of an aneurysm or used to stabilize the presence of other vaso-occlusive devices such as helically wound coils in that aneurysm. The inc ...

Roger Farnholtz: Ball lock joint and introducer for vaso-occlusive member. Target Therapeutics, Morrison & Foerster L, April 20, 1999: US05895391 (222 worldwide citation)

This is an assembly for controllably delivering vaso-occlusive devices to a selected site within the vasculature or other lumen of the human body by the use of a catheter. In particular, the device includes a holding member which is at least generally tubular and has an opening through the tubular w ...

Uriel Hiram Chee, Erik T Engelson, Gene Samson: Braided body balloon catheter. Target Therapuetics, Morrison & Foerster L, May 25, 1999: US05906606 (136 worldwide citation)

This is a balloon catheter having braided layer which extends generally from the proximal end of the catheter to a location distal of the balloon. In particular, it is desirable that the shaft of the catheter proximal of the balloon be stiffest at the proximal section and least stiff just proximal o ...

Itaru Iida: System for testing semiconductor device formed on semiconductor wafer. Tokyo Electron, Morrison & Foerster L, July 31, 2001: US06268740 (21 worldwide citation)

A test system of the present invention is suitable especially for a reliability test. A reader (

Michael J Delmage, Andreas Sommer: Method for treating ophthalmic disorders with IGFBP. Celtrix Pharmaceuticals, Morrison & Foerster L, September 26, 2000: US06124259 (6 worldwide citation)

This is a method for treating ophthalmic disorders associated with an excess of IGF-I or IGF-II. The method comprises administering individuals with an IGF excess insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP). The preferred form is IGFBP-3.

Edward May: Tomato raisin. Tomasin L L C, Morrison & Foerster L, June 1, 2004: US06743460 (4 worldwide citation)

Tomato raisins (dried grape tomatoes) and methods of producing raisin tomatoes are described. The method involves (a) removing the skin from a grape tomato to produce a skinless grape tomato; and (b) drying the skinless grape tomato to produce a tomato raisin. The dried, skinless grape tomato has fr ...

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The present invention provides barley thioredoxin h nucleic acids and proteins. The barley thioredoxin h nucleic acid may be isolated or it may be an expression vector. The expression vector may be operably linked to a transcriptional regulatory sequence. The invention also provides for transgenic p ...

Raymond E Dagger, Carolyn W Grady: N,N-dimethyl-8,8-dipropyl-2-azaspiro�4.5!decane-2-propanamine dimaleate. AnorMED, Morrison & Foerster L, August 17, 1999: US05939450

An improved immunomodulatory agent, the dimaleate salt of N,N-dimethyl-8,8-dipropyl-2-azaspiro�4.5!decane-2-propanamine.

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A semiconductor laser device has a pair of cladding layers with an active layer interposed therebetween. At least one of the cladding layers is of the same composition through the entire region of the cladding layer, excluding a dopant in the cladding layer, and has a stripe portion different in con ...

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An in vitro model system for viral infection and for immune response is comprised of a tissue block from adult tonsil or lymph node supported on a matrix which is flexible and porous and wherein the supported tissue block is cultured in a medium whose surface is congruent with the tissue block/matri ...