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Methods and compositions for directing adipose-derived stromal cells cultivated in vitro to differentiate into cells of the chondrocyte lineage are disclosed. The invention further provides a variety of chondroinductive agents which can be used singly or in combination with other nutrient components ...

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The present disclosure concerns the treatment of a patient with autoimmune disease, including AIDS, by neutralizing, removing or inhibiting different types of interferons, tumor necrosis factor, HLA class II antigens, IgE, and other pathological factors and/or their receptors, as well as neutralizin ...

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The invention includes Rh(D) binding proteins, including antibodies, and DNA encoding such proteins. Methods of generating such proteins and DNAs are also included.

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An identification card documentation data file is generated that is representative of a high volume batch of identification cards. Content information, including information regarding providers, eligibility, the client, benefits and business rules, is used, along with format information, to create t ...

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The present invention provides a method of inhibiting angiogenesis within a tissue by providing exogenous SLED to cells associated with the tissue. The presence of exogenous SLED inhibits angiogenesis within the tissue, in part by interfering with the ability of vascular endothelia to expand within ...

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Compositions and methods useful for determining whether a subject has an alteration in a gene encoding a protein chain of Type I or Type IX collagen are described. Novel intronic sequences of five human genes, COL1A1, COL1A2, COL9A1, COL9A2, and COL9A3 are described. Methods of determining the exist ...

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The invention includes compositions, kits, and methods for modulating survival and differentiation of mammalian multi-potential hematopoietic progenitor cells using a placental glycoprotein hormone of the murine prolactin family, namely either murine prolactin-like protein E or murine prolactin-like ...

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The Breast Cancer Resistance Protein is described, as well as the cDNA encoding said protein. This protein has been found to confer resistance to cancer chemotherapeutic drugs.

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An image scanner is provided and includes a case having a document placement surface, two carriages which are mounted with optical components and move by running on rails, a wire drive mechanism for reciprocating the two carriages which are coupled to wires, and a movement restricting member for res ...

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The invention relates to the discovery that the concentration of free cysteine in mammalian tumor tissue is elevated compared with the concentration of free cysteine in non-tumor tissue of the same origin. Elevated levels of free cysteine is, in turn, correlated with resistance of tumors to antitumo ...