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A system for open electronic commerce having a customer trusted agent securely communicating with a first money module, and a merchant trusted agent securely communicating with a second money module. Both trusted agents are capable of establishing a first cryptographically secure session, and both m ...

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An off-line remote lottery system which enables players to purchase instant-type lottery game outcomes from a randomized prize data stream in a central computer, and view the outcomes on remotely disposed gaming computers which do not require an on-line connection during play.

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A transcatheter occluder device for closing an opening in a tissue wall includes a body member formed of an open cell polymer foam capable of holding a predetermined occluder shape and being resiliently compressible for transcatheter deployment. The occluder device includes a pair of spaced-apart di ...

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An electronic-monetary system having (1) banks or financial institutions that are coupled to a money generator device for generating and issuing to subscribing customers electronic money including electronic currency backed by demand deposits and electronic credit authorizations; (2) correspondent b ...

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Apparatus for suturing a wound in a body cannula having an axis extending between a proximal end and a distal end. A handle is disposed at the proximal end and a pair of needles disposed at the distal end, the needles being movable between a proximal position and a distal position. A suture manipula ...

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A method for access control in a wireless network having a base station and a plurality of remote hosts includes the optional abilities of making dynamic adjustments of the uplink/downlink transmission ratio, making dynamic adjustments of the total number of reservation minislots, and assigning acce ...

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A collectible conditional purchase offer (CPO) management system is disclosed for receiving and processing individual CPOs from buyers for one or more collectibles, such as coins, stamps, art prints, comic books, baseball cards, jewelry, or other used or secondary market goods. The collectible CPO m ...

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In order to freely select, locate and display an image from a remote place on a monitor to facilitate observer's use, disclosed are apparatus and methods arranged to perform operation of drag and drop of a symbol to a specific position on a map showing the symbol indicating information of the p ...

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An automated system for conducting an auction and a method for operating the system. The system comprises a plurality of bid entry terminal and a bidding information processor communicatively coupled to the bid entry terminals. Bidders at the bid entry terminals observe displayed information and ent ...

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A system for the open distribution of electronic money is provided having a customer trusted agent associated with a first money module, a merchant trusted agent that establishes a first cryptographically secure session with the customer trusted agent and associated with a second money module. Where ...