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Directed jets of temperature controlled gaseous fluids are applied to irregularly shaped products, such as food portions, to subject discrete areas of the surface to a very high heat transfer rate and to cause these areas to be passed over surfaces of the product at a proper rate to obtain over-all ...

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An exercising device comprising a handle pivotally mounted on a frame with a hydraulic system connected to the handle to exert a regulated force restraining movement of the handle. The hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic cylinder, a reservoir, a valve arranged to prevent movement of the handle un ...

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An exercise device comprising spaced pedals pivotally secured to a support shaft and resiliently urged upwardly by spring elements. One or more of a plurality of spring elements can be moved into engagement with the pedals to control the resultant spring constant and consequently the force resisting ...

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An extension spray gun comprising a telescopically extendable pole having a spray nozzle secured to one end of the pole and a valve secured to the other end to control flow of paint through a flexible hose connected to the spray nozzle.

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Folding steps connectable to the tailgate of a vehicle such that the steps are moved from a horizontal operative position when the tailgate is lowered and are moved to a substantially vertical storage position when the tailgate is raised. A lower step is secured to rigid angle members suspended from ...

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An oven having automatic controls for regulating heat emanated from a fire box having a passage over said fire box to facilitate initial ignition of fuel. Closure means is positionable over the passage after fuel has been ignited to direct heated air and smoke into a cooking compartment.

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Apparatus for refrigerating and heating comprising a source of liquid nitrogen arranged to deliver nitrogen selectively through coils of an evaporator or through heating apparatus and then through coils of the evaporator such that nitrogen can be employed for either cooling or heating a cargo compar ...

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An artificial fishing lure having a body with a cavity therein containing a plurality of loose balls or weights which strike the walls of the cavity and rattle for the purpose of attracting fish as the lure is pulled through the water. The body is formed in two halves which snap together around a po ...

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An apparatus to lock a cover, such as a license plate holder, disposed over a gasoline cap in closed position to prevent access to the gas tank cap to protect against theft of the gasoline. The cover member or license plate has a shaft extending therefrom which is latched to a pivoted arm contained ...

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A method and apparatus for freezing a plug in a pipe to provide a closure for pressure testing the pipe, consisting of positioning a heat exchanger about the pipe, and closing off a section of the pipe inside the heat exchanger to prevent thermal circulation of fluid in the pipe outwardly of the are ...