Rimona Margalit: Method of binding recognizing substances to liposomes. Baxter International, Mark J Buonaiuto, Monique Morneault, February 18, 1997: US05603872 (28 worldwide citation)

Recognizing substances, including epidermal growth factor, gelatin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, have been covalently bound to liposomal surfaces and utilized to attach liposomes onto a cellular or an extracellular matrix (ECM) target site. These "bioadhesive" liposomes offer several advantages inc ...

Allan E Titus, Douglas G Johnson: Premixed famotidine formulation. Baxter International, Mark Buonaiuto, Monique Morneault, July 22, 1997: US05650421 (3 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical composition comprising a solution having an effective amount of famotidine, the solution having a pH in the range of about 4.5 to about 8.0, and a shelf life greater than 30 days.