Luttmer Willem: Electrical connector devices. International Computers, Misegades Douglas & Levy, March 5, 1974: US3795037 (266 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector comprises a plurality of elongated flexible conductors embedded in, and extending between surface of, a block of elastomeric insulating material.

Luttmer Willem: Methods of forming circuit interconnections. International Computers, Misegades Douglas & Levy, September 17, 1974: US3835531 (55 worldwide citation)

A method of forming circuit interconnections between adjacent circuits of a multilayer circuit structure is described in which corresponding sets of solder protrusions carried on conductive tracks of adjacent circuits are separated by a layer of uncured, heat-curable insulating material having a tra ...

Stewart Fiddian Reddaway: Array processors. International Computers, Misegades Douglas & Levy, September 7, 1976: US03979728 (54 worldwide citation)

An array processor, operative as the peripheral of a sequential machine. Each processing element is organized on a bit-serial basis, with single-bit registers and a bit-addressable store, and the array is controlled by a microprogrammed main control unit. These features result in an extremely flexib ...

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Information of two categories (e.g. two different types of microprogram material) are written into respective stacks in a store, the stacks advancing towards each other from separate base addresses as information is added to them. In this way, the two categories of information share the same storage ...

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A connector for use with printed circuit boards is described. For use with boards having contacts arranged, for example, along an edge, the connector has a number of spaced apart flexible conductive rings supported on a common elastomeric core. The rings make contact with the board contacts and, thr ...

James M Cross: Clamp-on all-purpose pole. Misegades Douglas & Levy, March 14, 1978: US04078756 (27 worldwide citation)

A telescopic pole having a clamp at its base end so that it may be attached to any supporting object and including a universal adjustable joint at the junction of the pole base and the clamp so that the pole may be inclined at any desired angle, and the upper end of the pole being fitted with a holl ...

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A data processing system in which a sequence of records, each record containing data items of various types, is processed. The system is operable in a "remember" mode in which, if a data item of a particular type is not present in a particular record, the result of the last time that type of data it ...

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The specification discloses an electric circuit interrupting device in which the contacts are enclosed in an evacuated enclosure, and in which the contact material comprises a matrix of a low ductility semi-refractory metal infiltrated with a metal of high electrical conductivity.The metals are chos ...

Alan Foster: Servo system. International Computers, Misegades Douglas & Levy, October 18, 1977: US04054820 (19 worldwide citation)

A closed-loop servo system in which the parameter to be controlled is caused to follow a predetermined profile by approaching the profile, if there is an error, at a rate independent of the magnitude of the error. The system repeatedly tests for an error and adjusts a control input by a predetermine ...

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A method of forming very small diameter holes in a flexible substrate by coating both sides of substrate with metal layers; etching layers and substrate at places where holes required, removing small ring of the metal layers surrounding holes to remove any overhang of metal; and plating walls of hol ...